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5 Easy Tips on eating Portion Control Meals

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For people who wish to lose weight, maintain a good figure, keeping their sugar levels in control etc etc should firstly learn to eat portion control meals. Understanding Portion control is to actually know the correct size and amount of food served, number of calories to consume and the food energy a serving contains.


This is primarily important for body weight management as weight is normally defined by the total calorie intake. Generally you all might have noticed that while on a holiday, picnic or long drive, most of us indulge in impulsive snacking, overeating etc which is dangerous as it can cause digestive problems or raise in glucose levels or weight gain.


Portion control directly aids you to lose weight. In short, the portion controlled plate will help in reminding about healthy eating habits every time you sit down to eat. To avoid all these, scroll down to read some interesting tips on eating portion control diet.

Do not indulge in Binge Eating:

  • Planning the right amounts of food and eating in smaller plates would surely help in having portion sized meals.
  • Eat fruits and veggies that are rich in fiber, nutrients and low in calories.
  • Do not indulge in over eating high fat, cholesterol and calorie foods. Avoid as and when possible.
  • Eat small meals to keep your blood sugar even. It is said that people who eat 5 to 6 small portions of meal each day are more likely to maintain portion control because they never get too hungry.

Proper Digestion: 

  • Overeating causes a lot of health problems, hence to avoid such situations, it is very important to eat small meals which will not make your stomach full feeling and uncomfortable.
  • Eat small meals comprised of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. This will make you feel light without any discomforts.

Maintain Healthy Weight:

  • Eating a balanced diet will surely help in keeping yourself fit and healthy.
  • It is even important to look into the quantity and quantity of food you eat and control your portions carefully.
  • Don’t skip any meal or else will lead to overeating or eating extra large portion of meal.

Saves Money:

  • When it comes to eating portion control sizes, there are chances that you are naturally going to eat less, hence this helps in saving money as you would not be a frequent visitor to the grocery store.
  • When you are dining out, plan to take half of your food home, or else share your meal along with your dining companion.

Maintaining Glucose Levels:

  • Overeating will lead to various health related problems and increase in glucose levels. Hence eating smaller portions will help keep your blood sugar regulated and stable.
  • Frequent and consistent eating of smaller meals regulates insulin which is one of the many hormones that helps the body turns food into energy.
  • People eating smaller meals in more number of times are less likely to feel hungry as their blood sugar level is balance and help prevent hunger attacks.


Ultimately your goal is to eat healthy portion and not clean up the plate. By practicing these tips on a regular basis, you can help to regulate your portion control and maintain a healthy diet long term. Do practice these amazing tips and stay healthy and fit.


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