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Every thing about KADHAMBAM CHUTNEY | Vahrehvah :

Kadhambam chutney is an excellent dish from the south Indian cuisine. Kadhambam in Tamil means ‘variety’ and this chutney has a variety of ingredients like tomatoes, onions, ginger, chilies, asafetida, tamarind etc all combined to make it more tastier. It is excellent chutney that goes well with Idli, Dosa or rice also. Kadhambam chutney is made with colorful ripe red tomatoes which has loads of flavors from other ingredients.

This chutney gives a little different taste and flavor from the regular tomato chutney as it has ginger, tamarind and onions mixed in it. South Indian dishes are very popular all over India and world mainly for their fresh preparations like spicy chutneys, rasam, sambar etc. Kadhambam chutney made with onions, tomatoes, tamarind and the strong flavor of ginger is a favorite south Indian dish.

Fresh ginger is aromatic and enhances the taste of the chutney. Ginger has been used as a natural remedy since ages and has anti-inflammatory properties and is a powerful natural painkiller. Ginger is widely used in many Indian recipes and one of its most touted health benefits is its effects on digestive ailments as it helps digest fatty foods and break down proteins. It is excellent for reducing gas.

This chutney is extremely versatile and tasty and can also be used as a dipping sauce with several favorite snacks. Tomato and tamarind gives a wonderful sweet, sour and spicy flavor to the chutney. Tamarind is used as major ingredient in most of the chutneys and also delicious chaats. It adds a tangy flavor to chaats and makes them taste even better. Kadhambam chutney gives a combined taste like sweet, sour, hot and tangy chutney.

Tamarind is used in India in many forms but the tamarind chutney is popular on most Indian tables or thalis.  It is served with almost any dish from rice to breads and also a popular salad dressing for raitas (yogurt salads) and for kachumber salads (cucumber, tomato, onion and cilantro). Tamarind pulp or juice is prized mainly for its thick and tangy sour flavors and is extensively used in Asian cuisine in lieu of lemon juice.

Tamarind is fat and cholesterol-free, and very low in calories and sodium. Tamarind sauce is a very important ingredient in Thai cuisine, and is an effective natural preservative and marinade. Tamarind is a very important ingredient in Worcestershire sauce. Asafoetida is another ingredient which is used especially in southern India mainly for its strong sulfurous odor.

In Indian herbal medicine Ayurveda, asafoetida is used to stimulate appetite and digestion and to help neutralize flatulence caused by beans and other legumes. Asafoetida is best used sparingly and is a key component in preparing many vegetable, meat curries, pickles and other savory snacks. Iranians use it to flavor meatballs; Afghan cooks use it to prepare dried meat.

To prepare this delicious kadhambam chutney, heat little oil in a pan and when the oil gets hot add few mustard seeds. When they crackle add whole chilies, slice onion, tomato cubes, ginger pieces, pinch of asafetida and sauté well. Remove from the heat and allow cooling. When the above mixture cools down, grind in a mixie. Add salt and check for seasoning.

Do try this simple yet delicious chutney which can be used as a side dish, sandwich spread or a dip.

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Kadhambam Chutney is a perfect accompaniment to any South Indian food; however, it can also be used as an accompaniment to cheese and crackers, or as an ingredient to enhance the flavor of everyday dishes like chicken salad or casseroles.

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