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Eating Disorders

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Eating Disorders are marked when a person shows extreme emotions, attitudes and behaviors surrounding food issues and weight which can lead to worse health consequences in men and women. The main types of eating disorders are:


  1. Anorexia Nervosa
  2. Bulimia Nervosa
  3. Binge Eating Disorder


Eating disorders are very complex and despite various researches, studies have shown that the biological, behavioral and social underpinnings of these illnesses remain elusive. Eating disorders often appear during adolescence or young adulthood. Generally it has been noticed that women and girls are much more likely to develop eating disorder than men.


These types of disorder are real, treatable medical illnesses with complex underlying psychological and biological causes. Generally people with eating disorders suffer from numerous other physical health problems such as kidney failure, heart conditions etc.


Generally you find a lot of people with binge eating disorder. This disorder is characterized by recurrent binge eating episodes during which a person feels a loss of control over his or her eating pattern. As a result, people with binge eating disorder often are over-weight or obese.


Obese people with binge eating disorder often have psychological illnesses such as anxiety, depression, personality disorders etc. Tackling Eating Disorders: The main goal is to have a good nutritional rehabilitation and set a point on weight maintenance.


Try and practice a normal eating behavior. Healthy thinking about weight Take an appropriate treatment plan with behavioral and pharmacological therapies. Increased family awareness to make them feel comfortable Relapse prevention with continues treatment.


Generally eating disorders are most common in athletes that participate in the following sports that include skating, running, swimming, rowing, horse racing, wrestling, dancing etc. Some of the symptoms of an eating disorder include concerns of being fat, frequent eating alone, use of laxatives, complaining of being cold, continuous drinking of diet soda or water etc.


Finally to stay healthy and fit lives do follow these excellent and easy nutritional tips:


  1. Firstly plan and eat a well balanced meal and at regular time consisting of a variety of foods.
  2. Your daily diet should include a variety of raw vegetables, fresh salad or raw fruit at meals to prolong eating times.
  3. Include a wide range of nutritious whole-grain which is high in fiber and proteins. Some of the foods include breads, pasta, rice and cereals.
  4. Consume a good amount of fluid particularly water.


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