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Every thing about BRINJAL RAITA | Vahrehvah :

Brinjal raita is a delicious and humble dish made with yoghurt or curd, fried brinjal, spices and herbs to add a zing to the dish.  It is mildly spiced, subtle and outrageously delicious. It goes excellent accompanied with roti, paratha, naan or rice. Brinjal combined with yoghurt makes a healthy combination as Brinjal is a low calorie and fats but rich in soluble fiber content. The same with the yoghurt as it tastes extremely wonderful and has many health benefits.

Raita is a popular condiment served along with kebabs which is given many to counteract the hot and piquant dish.  For making the raita flavorful, you can season with coriander (cilantro), cumin seeds, mint, cayenne pepper and other fresh herbs and spices. Generally tempering with mustard and cumin seeds are added to the raita along with other ingredients that gives an excellent taste and flavor.

Raita is an Indian/ Pakistani condiment made with yoghurt, commonly called as dahi and is used as a dipping sauce. Minced, raw vegetables or fruits such as cucumber, onion, carrot, pineapplepapaya or pomegranate seeds are mixed into the yoghurt to enrich its flavor and make it healthy and nutritious. As most of recipes from the Indian and Pakistani cuisine; are rich and spicy to taste, raita helps cooling the palate when eating spicy food. There are a variety of raitas that can be made with like Dates raita, Broad beans raita, Fresh fruit raita, Palak raita, Carrot raita, Oats curd and many more.

Brinjal the Shahenshah (King) of vegetables is a very versatile veggie which can be cooked in various ways. Brinjal or Eggplant is a popular vegetable crop of southern states in India and is also cultivated in certain parts of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari in India, Vankaya or Brinjal is very popular and is prepared in different styles to suit the regional culture and taste. When the eggplant is fresh, its flavor is delicately sweet. This is ideal for stuffing, sauteing, baking, and grilling. It is known for its fleshy, meaty texture. If you look closely at the inside of an eggplant, you'll notice it has many tiny, soft seeds. The seeds are edible, but they tend to have a bitter taste. Choose only those eggplants (brinjal) which have smooth and glossy skin. The color, no matter what you buy, should be very vibrant. An eggplant that's discolored or has scars and bruises isn't a good option. It shows that the flesh inside the eggplant is damaged or perhaps rotting. Some yummy recipes made by this veggie are Brinjal curry, Brinjal fry, Brinjal Bajji, eggplant chutney, Stuffed eggplant, Crispy brinjal, Brinjal rasavangi, etc.

Health Tips:

  • Eggplants are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. They don't contain cholesterol or saturated fat.
  • The potassium in the eggplant also acts as the brain booster so it is known as brain food.
  • This veggie eggplant is a rich source of dietary fiber. Hence, it prevents constipation and eases bowel movements.
  • Yogurt has protein,calcium and is a good source of riboflavin, vitamin B 12.

Eating raita tastes wonderful as you would surely gain many health benefits from the yoghurt. Do try this fantastic dish as Brinjal raita is an amazing dish with subtle and unique flavors.

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