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Barbecued Cheese

 Barbecued Cheese is an excellent dish made of soft, juicy chunks of paneer marinated in spices masala and then barbecued or grilled with vegetables.  Traditionally the succulent cubes of paneer are marinated in yoghurt mix with salt, pepper, mint leaves paste and corn flour and then barbecued till they are browned.  Serve with lemon to squeeze over the barbecued or griddled cheese or paneer which counteracts any saltiness. Though the barbecued cheeses are cheesy having a chewy texture but still given a crunchy appearance on the exterior end. This dish is a simple and easy to cook recipe. This is an easy starter which can be enjoyed eating with fingers or with forks if you want to be more formal. This simple dish can also be prepared ahead of time and grilled quickly when you are ready to eat. It makes an excellent and delectable starter or appetizer. A fantastic dish for all vegetarians who are missing on the non-veg kababs! One does not need to eat meat only to enjoy kebabs; barbecued cheese is one of the best substitutes for the non-vegetarian kebabs filled with lots of nutrients and vitamins. Paneer or Indian cottage cheese is an all time favorite with everyone especially the kids and this recipe is bound to get their tongues on fire with its exquisite blend of flavor and taste. The barbecued cheese can be served well on any indoor or outdoor party and as it chars lightly instead of melting the aroma is enticing and appetizing filling the air with the smoky taste of the different spices, paneer and vegetables. Barbecued cheese can be made in various ways by having different variations in spices. In an Indian tandoori recipe (Tandoori paneer) the paneer cheese is coated in yogurt sauce smothered in tandoori spices and grilled on skewers just until lightly charred served with extra sauce or a yummy and delicious mint chutney or green chutney. Paneer is versatile and can be added to any other vegetable and cooked to yummy gravy or also made into a delectable and exotic dish which is popularly known as Paneer butter masala. Paneer Indian Cheese is simple to prepare at home. It is prepared by boiling whole cream milk and adding acid or lemon to it to separate the thick contents. When the milk coagulates the water is removed and pressed to get a block similar to Ricotta cheese except that it is in block form. For preparing the Barbecued Cheese, firstly cut the paneer into 10 equal pieces (cubes). Grate the fresh capsicum along with fresh ginger, green chilly and garlic. Add them to the curd along with the corn flour, salt to taste, pepper, color and mint leaves paste (chutney). Add all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and whip or beat for about 8 minutes till you get a thick green color and evenly whipped paste. Now pierce fine hole (about 5 to 60 on the paneer cubes with a tooth pick or matchstick. Marinate the paneer cubes in the yogurt spice mixture for about 6 hours. Put the marinated paneer cubes on the skewer sticks on you tandoor oven or OTG and barbecue for about 20 minutes at temperature of 250 to 300 degree centigrade. Put a few drops of cooking oil or butter on the cheese and if you like the cheese to be brown and crispier. One can also cook this in a microwave oven (for excellent taste and result, earthen oven is recommended). The OTG results are equally good. Garnish the barbecued Cheese with sprinkled chaat masala, ground dry mint leaves or freshly chopped coriander leaves. You can also finely chop green cabbage leaves with fresh carrot for garnishing. Serve the juicy capsicum flavored paneer cubes with fresh lime and chutney or ketchup. Paneer prepared in the simplest method has many health benefits and is a treasure of nutrition and vitamins. It is easy to digest and can be used in a number of preparations and is used in most Indian home. It can be used in sweets, savories and in gravies of dishes too. Do try this barbecued cheese and enjoy the aromatic flavor and taste of the dish. Click on the link for detailed recipe: Discover the taste with every luscious bite and there is no better, tasty mouth watering spicy paneer than kebab. The crispy covering enhances the texture of the barbecued cheese cubes. Indian cheese is a rich source of calcium and helps in building strong teeth and bones. Paneer has the health benefit of preventing osteoporosis, which is a curse of old age.  Women who have attained menopause and men above the age of 65 should make it a rule to include it in their diet to get 25% of calcium through food. Paneer taken in moderation could help reduce weight. It is good to note that many people who wish to lose weight take to including Indian cheese or paneer in their daily diet. Including paneer in one’s daily diet helps to give the health benefit of providing the protein required by the body for growth and renewal. It is, however, also interesting to note that Indian cheese provides the protection against cancer. Paneer is the storehouse of calcium and has health benefits of making your bones stronger and helps men and women as they age against brittle bones

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