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Fatta Fat Chutney -raw Onion And Jaggery


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Fatta Fat Chutney -raw Onion And Jaggery Recipe, pyaz Chutney, How To Make Fatta Fat Chutney -raw Onion And Jaggery Recipe

Onion chutney is a great accompaniment to wada,idli, dosa, upma and even appams. It is very common in all South Indian homes. This chutney can be used even as a spread for a sandwich it tastes very good.

Onion Chutney

Onion chutney  is a wonderful and flavourful accompaniment that is served with a variety of South Indian breakfast dishes such as Idli,... Read More..

About Recipe

Ullipayalu? pachadi, Vaengayam karathuvaiyal, Piyaz Chatni


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Prep time
5 mins
Cook time
10 mins
Total time
15 mins
Author : Vahchef
Main Ingredient : Onions
Servings : 4 persons
Published date : February 19, 2019

• Onions - 3 numbers.
• Tamarind - 10 grams.
• Jaggery - 2 tablespoons.
• Salt - to taste.
• Hing - 1 pinch.
• Tomato - 1 number.
• Oil - 3 tablespoons.
• Red chilies - 4 numbers.
• Cashew nuts - 10-12 numbers.
• Jaggery - 1 tablespoon.
  • Heat oil In a pan, add red chilies, tamarind, onions, hing, salt, and tomatoes, cook it
  • Now onions are cooked then add cashew nuts, cook it for 1 minute.
  • Then add jaggery, mix it and switch off the flame, let its cool down, transfer into a mixie jar, to make a paste.

serve it with dosa or idli.

Cooking with images Onions , Onions , Eerulli catni


Onion Chutney

Onion chutney  is a wonderful and flavourful accompaniment that is served with a variety of South Indian breakfast dishes such as Idli, dosa, upma, appam or Rava dosa or rice. Made with the piquancy of onions, sweetness from tomatoes, sourness from tamarind; mildly spiced with and acquire vibrant colour from red chillies, the onion chutney is a super luscious dish highlighting your meal with an extra zest.

There are a number of variations that can be made to this simple Onion chutney recipe and if noticed in different restaurants, they come in diverse colours such as yellow, orange, slightly pinkish etc. This differs because of the red chillies or other ingredients used in making of the chutney.The main key ingredient for acquiring a striking and robust colour to this amazing chutney is the use of Kashmiri red chillies which gives a beautiful and appealing colour and spice to the chutney.

Not very fiery or hot but balances the spice right to suit your palate and induces your taste buds to eat more.Onion chutney is also known as Ulli karam in Telugu, a very famous Andhra recipe which is served along with Pesarattu, Mysore bonda, vada, Uttapam etc. Chutneys plays a vital role in most Indian cuisine, especially south Indian gastronomy.

As Indian food is rich and vibrant in its taste and flavours, most cuisines are experimenting in intermingling  a melange of spices, fresh herbs, vegetable and fruits to originate new variants of chutneys.  There are a variety of chutneys that are paired with the right dish to elevate and enhance to give a harmonious relish to the dish.Some of the popular chutney that goes well with most Indian street foods is Chaat green chutney, sweet and spicy tamarind chutney etc.

Lahsun ki chutney, Brinjal chutney, Sweet Sour Spicy Pineapple chutney taste good with roti, chapatti, paratha…;  while coconut chutney, peanut chutney, Til ki chutney (Sesame seeds chutney) can be savoured with any south Indian Breakfast.With rice, you have myriad of chutney recipes such as Mint chutney, Tomato chutney, South Indian Red Hot chutney with papad, Dosakaya pachadi (cucumber chutney) and many more to complete your meal with.

Chutney acts as an appetizer and sometimes good for digestion.They add their own flavour when served with other dishes. Chutney has a semi-liquid consistency and usually one ingredient (main ingredient) predominate the taste by which the name of the chutney is derived. Other common ingredients that are included in the chutney are green chillies, asafoetida, tomato, cumin, coriander seeds, lime, peanut, sesame seeds, fried dal, ginger, garlic, coriander, mint, coconut etc.

Chutney can be stored in the refrigerator for few days but it’s always better to have it fresh. Versatility of Onion Onions is a vital ingredient in most of the global recipes used in salads, stir fries, curries or gravy based dishes. They are extensively used in most veg and non-veg preparations.Onions can be consumed either raw, pickled in vinegar, fried in oil, baked or boiled. They are a boon to mankind that makes us cry while curing us of several illnesses at the same time.

It is often called the ‘King of vegetables’ mainly for its pungent taste. There are many varieties of the onions available in the market such as white, yellow, red and green globes. They also differ in size, colour and taste.  The smaller onions come in many varieties such as the green onion, or scallion which includes chives, leeks and shallots. The smaller the onions, the more pungent they are.  They are the ones that make your eyes water when you cut them, when the organic sulphur is released.

Onion has endless health benefits and is powerful for its anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties.Onion is rich in vitamins A, B and C.  It is a potent source of folic acid, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, chromium, iron and dietary fiber. Just by eating half a medium raw onion daily can significantly lower cholesterol and help prevent heart attacks. Whether you eat it raw or cooked, onions help to lower blood pressure naturally. It also thins the blood, dissolve blood clots and clear the blood of unhealthy fats.

How to make Onion Chutney: Ingredients:

Onions, chopped     -           3 nos

Red chillies, dry       -           4 nos

Cashew nuts              -           50 gms

Asafoetida (hing)     -           1

pinch Jaggery                      -           1 tsp

Salt                             -           to taste

Tamarind                   -           20 gms

Tomatoes                   -           2 nos

Directions for spicy onion chutney: Heat oil in a pan and add red chillies, tamarind, onions, hing (optional) and sauté till the onions are cooked or soft. Add salt, tomatoes, cashew nuts and mix. Add jaggery, mix and switch off the flame. Allow cooling and blend to a coarse paste in the food processor.Serve with a quicky rawa dosa.

Onion chutney is easy to prepare and is a pleasing blend of sautéed onions, tamarind and red chilies that has a perfect balance of sweet, hot and tangy flavours that merger into good and quick chutney to be served with Idli and dosa. It’s very simple healthy chutney that can be made in a jiffy and tastes excellent when made fresh.Enjoy preparing.


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Nalini Salave Posted on Wed Jan 20 2016

awesome chef.. tried it today and it came out amazing..thanx for one more lovely recipe.. god bless you. always..?

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Magic Woman Posted on Fri Jan 22 2016

Thank you so much for this awesome chutney. Every word you said about it is true. It literally had me licking the back of the spoon. I love all your recipes. God bless you. But I think you have not mentioned tempering in the video. Nor is it mentione

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prafulla aarons Posted on Mon Jan 25 2016

the best part of ur receipes that u explain very nice aswel they r awesome thanku I surly try all d receips?

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Sreja Babu Posted on Tue Jan 26 2016

thanks.. now i made my frst chutney and it is yummy :)?

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venita kohli Posted on Wed Jan 27 2016

Chef didnt you forget to temper the chutney??? I can see that the chutney has been tempered in the video though.?

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Urooj fatima Posted on Sun Jan 31 2016

jus love traditional cuisine of south Asia?

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Suzan OE Posted on Tue Feb 02 2016

thank you i enjoy making your recepies?

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Vrindara Pal Singh Posted on Sat Feb 06 2016

Nice experience?

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Neelima Mycherla Posted on Sun Feb 07 2016

I like this chatni?

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sadiqua Sanjum Posted on Tue Feb 09 2016

Hey this is pretty good?

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Shaila Latkar Posted on Wed Feb 10 2016

very nice!?

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Sapna Mankani Posted on Wed Feb 10 2016

Its wonderful amazing superb?

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