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Almond Badam Halwa

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Almond Badam Halwa Recipe, Badam, How To Make Almond Badam Halwa Recipe

Badam halwa is a delicious desert made with puréed almonds, butter/ ghee (clarified butter), sugar and saffronBadam halwa is a sweet made from almonds , garnished with nuts and add little color to look good and attractive.

About Recipe

Badam Kayi, Badam, Badam

How to make Almond Badam Halwa

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Prep time
10 mins
Cook time
20 mins
Total time
30 mins
Almond Badam Halwa
Author : Vahchef
Main Ingredient : Almonds
Servings : 4 persons
Published date : February 05, 2019

Ingredients used in Almond Badam Halwa
• Almonds(badam) - 3 litre.
• Sugar - 3 cup.
• Saffron - 2 number.
• Ghee - 4 tablespoons.
• Milk - 1/2 cup.
• Yellow food color - as required.
• Cardamom powder - 1 tea spoon.
  • Soak almond/badam for 2-3 hours, peel the skin before preparing this dish or boil them for 30 minutes.
  • Put the peeled almonds in a blender and add milk to it. Blend it into a coarse paste.
  • Heat the pan add 2 tablespoon of ghee to it. As ghee melts add badam mixture give a quick stir.
  • Add sugar keeping in mind 1:1 ratio of almond : sugar (more sugar can be added as per taste) Alternative Tip:- dilute the sugar by making sugar syrup then adding it to the badam mixture. Constantly stir the mixture as it can stick burn from bottom.
  • Add Saffron constantly stir as it boils from bottom.(Food color is optional if required)
  • Add additional 2 tbsp of ghee while its boiling. Constant stirring is a must till ghee starts oozing out.
  • Once halwa separates out of ghee , sprinkle cardamom powder, thenput it in a container to set.
  • At last, garnish it with grated almonds/badam.

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Pervin Shastri Posted on Tue Aug 14 2018

Love the simplicity with which u teach. U r a humble man Sanjay.

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madhujuly Posted on Thu Feb 04 2010

u are amazing sense of presenting..good luck

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MyLalinea Posted on Sun Mar 14 2010

sanjay i dream of you.

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Jayasheela Murthy Posted on Tue Mar 16 2010

Sanjay may be you can protect your hand by using oven glove while you stir to prevent the burn

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laxmiish Posted on Sun Mar 21 2010

u are very goood chef!!!

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SumySUB Posted on Tue Jun 08 2010

I would make it for myself, but i can't cause i am on diet. i will for my family.

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bcool0207 Posted on Fri Jul 02 2010

Hi Sanjay, My husband loves Kaju Katali. I make it most of the times,but I want to follow your receipe to make the Best ever kaju Katali. Would you please post 'Kaju katali' receipe. You should know by now...I am a great fan of yours.....

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archanavasudevan Posted on Sun Oct 03 2010

yummm..... Am making this today. Indian sweets have to be made with ghee. Dont substitute it with olive oil, it wil taste yuck like grease. If you are worried about the calories , make it in small quantity. And the taste of badam only gets enhanced b

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vijay kumar Posted on Tue Oct 05 2010

great taste

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khgyut Posted on Mon Nov 01 2010

i just made this dish using your recipe,it was briliant,cheers!!

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Aditya Praveen Posted on Sun Nov 07 2010

nice tasty

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Rasmi Puttagunta Posted on Thu Jan 13 2011

hi vahchef, i tried your badam halwa recipe yesturday following your video....and it really really husband start saying thanks to vahchef...not me....he he...and iam saying heartfully thanks a lot to vahchef...

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