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Dealing with Fussy Eaters

Every thing about Dealing with Fussy Eaters | Vahrehvah :

Crunchy Vegetable Nuggets 

Dealing with your child’s eating habits is of course a constant worry amongst most of the parents. Daily one thought that is always worrying our heads is about our kid’s welfare, especially his eating habits…. Is the child eating enough breakfast before going to school? If the child has eaten his lunch, is he/she concentrating well at school? Bringing back his lunch box without eating? Being fussy over eating vegetables and fruits? Etc etc…… It is very important that kids eat a balanced meal getting the right amounts of vitamins and minerals that they require each day. This would boost their immunity, concentration, memory and keep them fit and strong. As parents, we need to, on a daily basis monitor his/ her eating habits and make slight modifications to encourage them in eating nutritious foods. Could be that the child does not like it as its not tasty, hence make slight variations in flavor, taste and texture so that they will feel like grabbing the food.

Below are few amazing tips to tackle fussy eaters that help in relieving our stress too during their meal times:


Set an example to your child It’s very important that you be the right mentor to your kid in explaining about the benefits of eating healthy and nutritious food. You first lead by yourself in eating and enjoying a variety of veggies and fruits in front of them. Later they will surely follow your footsteps.


Settings up good regular eating habits Always see that your kids have their meals on time. Set up a convenient time for dinner where the whole family can sit together and enjoy their meal. At the dinner table, you could also talk to them about some interesting topic, so that they enjoy coming to the dinner table daily.


Allow them to assist in Food preparation Encourage your children to assist you in preparing food. They would feel more than happy to eat this meal as they helped you. They would also take pride in telling other family members about helping their mom in preparing the food.


Include at least one food item from each food group The vital element to healthy eating is to relish a variety of nutritious food from each of the food groups. It is also recommended that we eat the right amounts of essential nutrients from each food group daily. You could choose from any one of the five foods mentioned below.



I am also suggesting from yummy and appetizing foods that you could check out to offer these fuzzy eating kids:


Dairy Ex:  Mango Lassi, Badam Milk, Ragi Malt (Ambali), Mango Fool etc.

Mango Fool


Fruits Grains (Cereal Foods) Ex: Oats Melting Moments, Oats Idli, Oats Masala Paratha etc

Oats melting moments


Lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts etc Ex: Chicken nuggets, Coxinha, Lime in Chilli Chicken, Chicken Chargha etc

Chicken Chargha 



Vegetables, legumes and beans Ex: Sprouts Salad, Valchi Usal, Rainbow Salad Health & Colors etc

Rainbow Salad


Be sure that the food you cook looks tempting and delicious Try to be creative in making variety of food items that would tempt your kids to eat. Generally for any kids, first it’s the appearance, texture, color and taste that are important to grab the food. If your kids have any food favorite then include that and start from there.


Serve them with the right amount of portion Kid’s stomachs are quite small, so make sure you don’t over-feed them. Serve them the right amount of food portion at every meal break. It is best to serve three small meals a day and a snack in between. Try on recreating some change in their food variety and naturally they would love to enjoy their food. Don’t make routine food stuff where the child would just run away from the meal time. Try following these tips and am sure there would be a good change in your kids.

Happy cooking!

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