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Black Sesame Gruel

Black sesame gruel is a popular Chinese dessert soup which is widely available throughout China and Hong Kong and generally served hot. The black sesame gruel or soup is also known as Zhi ma hu (Mandarin) and is also similar to the Tong sui (sweet soup) from the Cantonese cuisine. This sweet soup is a very simple dish made with black sesame seeds, calrose rice (long or short grain), lard, white sesame and white sugar. For a final added touch, the soup can also be garnished with crushed nuts, shredded coconut or softened, chopped Chinese dates. Gruel is a wonderful food preparing consisting of few types of cereal that includes oats, wheat, rye flour or rice which is boiled in either water or milk. Gruel is a thinner version of porridge and can be easily drunk than eaten. It is easy to digest and low calorie food. The consumption of gruel has traditionally been associated with poverty. Gruel is a colloquial expression of any watery or liquidly food for example, pea soup, congee etc. Sesame seeds are extensively used and are one of the mainstays of Chinese cuisine. Toasted sesame seeds are sprinkled over salads, sesame paste is added to sauces and delightful aromatic sesame oil is used in flavoring several dips to marinades. Sesame seeds are considered to be one of the world’s first and finest spices. Sesame seeds or Til (in Hindi) are still a main spice and food source throughout Asia and parts of Europe and Africa. Black sesame gruel is a scrumptious Asian dessert that is low-fat, low-carb, vegan and gluten free dish. Black sesame seeds are naturally sweet and have a deliciously unique flavor. They are healthy and nutritious and an excellent source of calcium, iron, magnesium, protein and essential fatty acids helping to keep skin and hair soft. Thai influence on this traditional Chinese dessert can be found in the addition of coconut milk and peanuts. Black sesame seeds are small, flat seeds, dark in color which are used in cooking or for their medicinal properties. Black sesame seeds are high in many minerals including calcium and iron and are also used to promote regular bowel movements. They have a sweet and nutty flavor. They are often used in Asian cooking and are quite high in nutritional value. The seeds are harvested and dried during early fall and then used for culinary or medicinal purposes. Sesame seeds were one of the first substances used to make oil. They were also used to make one of the first condiments. For preparing this simple yet scrumptious Black sesame gruel, firstly soak calrose rice in water for an hour, drain and wipe dry. Fry black and white sesame without oil. Put water, rice, black and white sesame into the blender. Blend all the ingredients until fully mashed. Filtrate paste with a sieve. Pour the paste into a pot and cook stirring continuously. When paste starts boiling, add lard and sugar. Keep cooking and stirring for another 1 minute. Bowl up and serve hot. Tip: Be sure to stir constantly or there will be splattering and the pot may burn. Add boiling water to the soup as desired, depending on how thick or thin you want the soup. Serve warm. According to Chinese medicine, it is said that this gruel or soup is good for black hair. If you don’t like lard you can replace with vegetable oil but lard tastes better. Do try this fantastic dish and enjoy its taste. Click on the below link for detailed recipe: The seeds of the sesame plant (Sesamum Indicum) are featured in many Asian cuisines. Spice paste concoctions made with sesame seeds enhance Indian dishes (for example in chicken curry, fish dishes or vegetarian delicacies), and sesame seeds play a role in Japanese vegetarian cooking. In China, sesame seeds are used to flavor cakes, cookies, and popular desserts such as sesame seed balls and fried custard. Black sesame seeds are high in calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorus. These minerals help to support healthy bones, muscles, blood, and nervous system. Copper strengthens blood vessels, joints, and bones, and is helpful in relieving arthritis. Magnesium supports vascular and respiratory health. It also contains zinc and calcium, which also improve bone health.

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