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Cabbage and Spinach Pakora  

Cabbage and Spinach Pakora is a delicious combination mixed with grated cabbage, spinach dipped in an authentic spiced batter made with Bengal gram flour, rice flour and roasted dahlia flour fried to crispy amusing yummy, mouth-watering snacks. Cabbage and Spinach Pakora is simple and quick, delicious, healthy and crispy appetizer or snack served for tea time munch.This is a wonderful monsoon snack that is attractive and a popular Indian vegetarian snack that is a crowd pleaser.

The green chilies and garam masala being the main ingredients in spicy the snack sets everything off. The crisp texture and flavours that go into its making, makes most of us in asking for more. Generally kids hate eating cabbage or spinach (greens) as the taste is bland and boring.

But a dish like Cabbage and Spinach Pakora can completely change their minds with delight as they are one of the most comforting dishes to your body and soul. To many, a simple cabbage dish or spinach may not be the prettiest or tastiest of vegetables but it’s more than that makes up in flavours coated with besan flour in giving a golden crisp appearance and taste. Pakora or pakodas are classic Indian snacks prepared by dipping a chicken piece, onions, eggplant, potato, spinach, cauliflower, tomato, raw banana, fish or chilli in a batter made of gram flour and then deep frying them.

Depending on the vegetable used, they are called by different names such as vegetable pakora, egg pakora, fish pakora, onion pakora or chicken pakora etc. Pakoras are popular not only in India but in Pakistan and other south Asian countries too.

They have also become delicacies in western countries too where there is a sizable Indian population. A platter of varied pakoras can make each of our taste buds water as they are wonderful and tasty snacks that can be served with a steaming cup of tea accompanied with some yummy tamarind or mint-coriander chutney or tomato sauce.

Pakoras are great and tempting party snack. Simple and easy to prepare, the only time consuming part is the actual process of frying them. They taste extremely great when hot as they don’t really taste that great eaten cold.  Cabbage and Spinach are excellent and versatile veggies that can be cooked on its own or added to any lentils in making delicious palak dal or palak paneer (cooked spinach leaves mashed sautéed and mixed with cheese cubes).

Generally when it comes to healthy vegetables, cabbage and spinach top the list as both provide high levels of nutrients including fibre, beta carotene and vitamins A and C.  In addition, researchers have said that cabbage may reduce the risk of some cancers. These two veggies are very low in calories and fats.

It contains good amount of soluble dietary fibre; no wonder green spinach is one of the vegetable source recommended in cholesterol controlling and weight reduction programs. Cabbage is easier to digest in its raw fresh form than when cooked.  The longer it is cooked, the less digestible it becomes. 

Cabbage sprouts are delicate and easier to digest, and they also contain higher levels of nutrients. Spinach and cabbage are used in a variety of salads, stir-fry dishes, soups and casseroles. For preparing the Crispy Cabbage and Spinach Pakora, firstly mix all the ingredients in a bowl and add little hot oil to the mixture and mix well.

Make to soft dough. Do not add water. Just sprinkle few drops if required. Adding water would make the dish oily when fried in oil. Heat oil in a skillet or kadai and when it get hot, take small portions of the mix and drop in little by little and deep fry them in oil. Drop and fry them batches.

Drain any excess oil and serve hot with chutney or tomato sauce or chilli sauce. Tip: Adding nuts like cashews add more flavour to it. If it gets cold, just pre heat the oven and switch it off. Put it in for some time. It will remain warm for say 2 hours. Do try this recipe and enjoy it especially on a rainy day. Check the below link for detailed recipe:

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