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Stress Relieving Super Foods

Every thing about Stress Relieving Super Foods | Vahrehvah :

All of us at some point of time undergo stress. What is this Stress? Stress can be said as a person’s physical and emotional response to change. Stress generally occurs when the pressure is greater than the resource. Stress could come from various reasons such as personal factors like family problems, economical problems, personality or Environmental factors like economic uncertainty, political uncertainty and technological change or Organizational factors like task demands, roll demands or interpersonal demands.


Stress could also be caused because of death of a loved one, major financial setback, employment changes, traffic congestion, personal conflicts, job stress, lack of sleep etc. Stress has also been related to few illnesses as Diabetes, Asthma, Cardiovascular disease and Immune system disease.


Some of the probable symptoms of stress could be insomnia, depression, extreme anger and frustration, migraine, headaches or back problems, loss of mental concentration etc. How do you exactly overcome these stress related issues? To control your stress it is important that you be aware, balance and control yourself. Be Assertive – Have a positive attitude towards yourself and others. Assertiveness helps to manage stressful situations and will, in time help to reduce their frequency.


Get OrganisedPoor organization is one of the most common causes of stress. Hence prioritizing objectives, duties and activities makes them manageable and achievable. Don’t overload your mind. Time Managament – Plan your day, set achievable goals and don’t waste time making excuses for not doing something.


Diversion & Distraction – Get away from things that bother you. This will help in reducing stress level. Calm down and think logically. Hence enjoy your life as it comes and always be happy. Some amazing tips on healthy living to conquer stress are: organize your lifestyle properly, control anger, be flexible, do things that you love to do, overcome ego/ jealousy, take sufficient rest, exercise regularly and have a balanced nutritious diet.


Asparagus: They are rich in folate and is essential for reducing stress.


Avocados: This can help reduce stress because it is rich in vitamin B. It also contains monosaturated fatty acid and potassium, both of which are helpful in lowering blood pressure.


Nuts: Nuts are excellent and tasty to eat. They reduce both anxiety and depression because it contains high amount of zinc.


Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolates contain antioxidants that lower the blood pressure and give you a soothing feeling of calmness.


Oatmeal: Increases level of serotonin hormone which is responsible for calming the body and reducing stress.


Oranges: Orange is an excellent citrus fruit that contains vitamin C which is helpful in lowering stress hormones.


Spinach: This awesome powerpacked green vegetable helps curb the level of magnesium and gives you a calmness feeling and lowers your stress.


Fish: Extremely delicious and delicate seafood, rich source of Omega 3 fatty acid that helps reduce stress.


Black Tea: Amazing beverage that help lowers the level of stress hormones and help recover from stress feeling. Include a variety of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

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