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Paniyaram Gunta punugulu
Paniyaram or Gunta punugulu are same and name of one single dish. It is an interesting quicky dish made of left over dosa batter. It is popularly known as Paniyaram in Tamil Nadu and Paniyaram is a popular snack dish from the Chettinad cuisine whereas in Andhra it is called as Gunta Punugulu. Paniyaram can either be a savory or sweet snack.
Regularly you find the savory version of snack available at any restaurant or tiffin stalls. Paniyaram is a mixture of the Indian crepe spiced up with chopped onions, green chillies, cumin seeds and grated carrots. This dish is a very healthy appetizer served with coconut chutney. One of the best dishes that can be packed for kids light lunch or snack box for school.
Paniyaram/ Gunta Punugulu is a south Indian recipe and normally served during breakfast or evening snack time. You can make it more nutritious by adding carrots, tomatoes, chopped spinach, spring onion or cabbage to give an Asian touch. It’s an easy savory protein small cake. Kids would really love to eat this nutritious and delicious dish. For preparing the Paniyaram or Gunta punugulu, take the left over dosa batter or else you can also use fresh batter, add finely chopped onion, green chillies, cumin seeds, little salt and mix well. Pour this mixture into a Paniyam pan (iron cast skillet) adding a little oil before pouring the batter and cook over a slow flame.
Turn and cook on both sides. Serve hot with yummy coconut chutney. They look like the pretty small dome shaped round golden balls. Check this video on making of this dish at:
To most important in preparing the Paniyaram or Gunta punugulu is the skillet. Right kind of skillet delivers a perfect paniyaram. None can beat the old style iron skillet. Nowadays there are non-stick skillets also available in super markets. You can also prepare in these non-stick skillet. Paniyaram is an easy and simple dish to prepare with just some fermented rice and urad dal batter mixed with some indian spices. Children love the sweet ones. It's another variant of the dosa, made out of almost the same ingredients; crispy on the outside side and spongy inside. The sweet Paniyaram is made with rawa. This sweet is made in most of the houses in south India during the festivals like Tamil New year and Deepavali.
   Paniyaram Gunta punugulu
 Author : Admin   
 Published On : Jun 24, 2009
 Preparation Time: 7 min 
 Recipe Type : Breads
 Cooking Time : 25 min
 Standing Time : 5-8 mins
 Yield : 4 (4 servings)  
 Ingredient : Rice
Ingredient Name Unit Quantity
cumin seeds
Dosa batter
green Chillis
As needed
to taste
as needed
as per taste
Take dosa batter add onion,cumin seeds,green chillis saltmix well. Pour this mixture into the pan add little oil beforeing adding the mixture cook in a very slow flame. cook both the sides, serve with coconut chutney.

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