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Kandha Paat Bhaaji

Kandha Paat Bhaaji is a typical Maharashtrian dish made with spring onions and spices. Best when served with jowar ki roti. Green onions or spring onions are known as Kandha paat or Kandyachi paat in Marathi. This is a very simple and delicious dish where the leaves of spring onions are seasoned with a variety of aromatic spices and flavoured with fresh coconut, roasted peanut powder and sesame seeds.

Spring onions or Green onions are well known vegetable that is used extensively in most of the Chinese dishes. It adds an amazing flavour to the soups, stir-fries, noodles and salads. Apart from its use in these dishes, it can be cooked on its use making a really delicious vegetable curry.  

Green onion does not take much time to cook and gets easily cooked in its own juices.  Spring onions blends well with Indian spices and the addition of garam masala add wonderful taste and aroma to this curry. Spring onions are also known as scallions or green onions.

These onions are harvested when actually young just before the bulb get to swell. They are long, slim green leaves and the small white bulbs are edible. They taste good either raw or cooked. In India, many of the chef’s like to dip the bulbs in white vinegar and serve as a pickle.

Few of them even discard the tender leaves and use the bulbs in cooking. But we must know that the leaves have a distinct flavour and tastes very good when cooked with Indian spices. Spring onion is a very versatile vegetable that can be added to vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

Some of my delicious and well known recipes are Spring Onion curry, Hot Tomatoes and spring onion curry, Spring onion chicken, Spicy spring onion rolls, Spring onion chutney, Beef with ginger and spring onion and many more…. The Kandha paat bhaaji has a nice, soothing, mild tastes but intense flavours and adds great nutritive value to the dish. Spring onions are believed to be grown in Chinese gardens 5000 years ago.

History states that the green onion bulbs were worshipped as the symbol of the universe by ancient Egyptians. Spring onions when added to dal, makes a much tastier dish. Similarly, you can add it to vegetables like cauliflower and potatoes and it will make an excellent dish. Mushrooms go very well with spring onions and interestingly spring onions can be added to soy nuggets while making a Chinese dish.

Spring onions are used in salads as the flavor tends to be milder than other onions. It is used widely in oriental food both as an ingredient and as a garnish. In Maharashtrian cooking, the spring onions are added Zunka pitla, a popular and simple dish basically made with gram flour paste and spices.

Generally one just starts of chopping a vegetable without having a definite plan in mind and as one keeps adding ingredients intuitively, a new dish is born. In addition, chopped green onions are extensively used in salsas, sauces, and dips; as an ingredient in soups and salads; in rice dishes or stir-fries; as a topping on pizza; sautéed and used in vegetable or meat dishes; and as an ingredient in omelettes.

To prepare this excellent and yummy Kandha paat bhaaji, firstly wash, chop the spring onions and keep aside. Heat oil in a kadai, add the cumin seeds, sesame seeds and when they splutter add curry leaves, crushed garlic, green chillies, hing, turmeric, red chilli powder, garam masala in quick succession. Take care the spices do not burn. Add the chopped spring onions, salt to taste and stir well. Allow to cook in its own juices. Do not add water. When the spring onions are cooked, add a pinch of sugar, freshly grated coconut and freshly roasted peanuts and mix well. Just cook for about 2 mins.

Serve with chapatti but tastes best with jowar roti and curds rice.

Spring onion is a nutritious plant, and therefore it provides a host of health benefits to us. It is a rich source of vitamins and minerals which aids in curing the various ailments. It is seen to have helped in reducing the harmful impacts of various diseases.

Nutritionally, green onions have a combination of the benefits of onions and greens. They are an excellent source of vitamin K and vitamin C, and a very good source of vitamin A too. The use of spring onions lowers the blood sugar level, support against gastrointestinal problems, used as an appetizer as it helps digestion and speeds up the level of blood circulation in the body. Enjoy Cooking!

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