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Food Additives

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Food is vital to human body. When its looks striking, lingering with aroma and highly flavorful it just tempting to eat. Foods are made alluring with usage of food additives and food enhancers to look attractive on presentation. It is often noticed that most kids don’t like eating vegetables and cry for junk foods etc.


They are prone to eating attractive foods hence with some creative ideas and use of natural colors; you could happily present them with more striking and healthy foods that kids will definitely eat with more pleasure. Here let’s understand the different sources of food additives and their roles and functions in food. Food additives are substances that are added to products to perform specific technological functions.


These functions include increasing shelf-life or inhibiting the growth of pathogens, preserving, adding color and flavor to food for giving a twist in variety and look appealing. It is also a mixture of substance other than basic foodstuffs which is present in food as a result of production, processing and packing. Often food additives are added to foods in moderate amounts during processing.


They are added for:


  1. Providing essential aids for food processing.
  2. Enhancing the quality or stability of food thus reducing food wastage.
  3. Maintaining the nutritional quality of food.
  4. Making food look attractive.


Overall these substances are added to food to improve its appearance, flavor, storage properties and nutritional value. Three main types of additives such as:


Natural additives: These food additives are found naturally, extracts from beetroot juice thus used as a coloring agent.


Man-made additives: These are synthetic identical copies of substance found naturally such as benzoic acid which is used as a preservative.


Artificial additives: These are produced synthetically and not found naturally. They are uses as preservatives in some dairy products and in semolina and tapioca puddings.


Other different types of food additives and their common uses are: Anti-caking agents: Stops the ingredients combined together from sticking together and forming lumps. Antioxidants: slows down or prevents the oxidative deterioration of foods. Artificial sweeteners: increases the sweetness in food.


Colors: adds or restores color to foods/ Flavor enhancers: improves the flavor and aroma of food. Flavors: adds flavor to tasteless foods.


Mineral salts: enhances the texture and flavor of food. Raising agents: increases the volume of food by releasing gases.


Thickeners: enhances the texture and consistency of the food. Nowadays most prefer natural colors instead of chemical additives.


Some of the harmful food additives are: Sodium nitrate and nitrite, Color additives, Potassium bromated, High fructose corn syrup (white sugar), Olestra, MSG (Monosodiumglutamate), Transfat, BHA & BHT, Sodium chloride etc.


Generally it has be noticed that Junk foods contain substantial amount of nitrite, salt, food coloring, stabilizer and food additives that can be harmful to our health. These junk foods do not provide our body with essential nutrients but often harm our health and weaken our immune system.


Obesity, Hypertension and Atheroscleoris are some of the health related issues that one may be effected with with people who indulge in regular eating of junk foods. It is necessary that you realize the disadvantages of eating food additives and give up processed foods and food additives.


Always be aware of what you are eating. Eat junk foods occasionally and think of better possible wholesome alternatives which don’t put your health at risk. How to make food additives safe?


  1. Ensure to tear off the outer layer of green leafy vegetables, cabbage etc and use.
  2. Rinse and scrub fresh vegetables and fruits before consuming them.
  3. Remove the skin and fat from meat, poultry and fish and use if they have been preserved or frozen.
  4. Try to avoid food additives while buying food stuff.
  5. Insist on buying only foods having safe food additives in them.


Following few simple and easy precautions could aid in food spoilage and reduce the chance of food borne illnesses in your family. Avoid and keep your food natural. It is important that you eat freshly prepared foods and stay healthy.


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