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Every thing about DAHI BAIGANA | Vahrehvah :

Dahi Baigana means Eggplant cooked in spiced curd, an excellent and aromatic dish from the Orissa cuisine. This dish is simple to cook and taste fantastic letting the vegetable to blend nicely in beaten spiced curd topped with fresh chopped coriander leaves. Dahi baigana looks appetizing with full of flavors and exotic taste.

This dish is a very popular Odia food using just curd, brinjal spiced with green chilies and seasoned with mustard and cumin seeds and fresh curry leaves leaving its aroma into this amazing dish. The taste of this dish is unique and different and is a very good combination when had with bread, roti, paratha or even with plain hot cooked rice.

Traditionally Odia prepare this dish using brinjal, curd, vegetable oil, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds, dry chili, curry leaves, ginger, green chili, salt and sugar which makes the dish sweet, sour and a little spicy. The flavors of this dish are very subtle and mild. Eggplant or brinjal is a very versatile vegetable and can be cooked in various ways.

Some of the most popular recipes of brinjal are the Brinjal Eggplant chutney, Brinjal fry gutti vankai (masala stuffed brinjal), Brinjal and Cucumber chutney, Stuffed Brinjals, Kathirikkai Murungakkai masala (brinjal and drumstick masala curry) etc. There are many variations in making Dahi Baigana where you would find some variation seen in Kashmiri cuisine as the Kashmiri version commonly known as Dahi Baaigan adds spice paste and a lot of chilli powder to this dish.

Hence such preparation is somewhat golden color rather than being yellowish white. Dahi baigana is a fantastic culinary culmination of eggplant and curds and primarily derives its flavor from cumin seeds, curry leaves and green chilies. Dahi Baigana is a refreshing and smooth dish with fewer spices, easy to digest and keeps cool because of the curd and makes an excellent side dish to an spicy meal.

Dahi Baigana goes excellent with vegetable pulav or biryani too. Dahi Baigan is a north Indian speciality and served during marriage celebrations or festival or get together which helps in cooling your taste buds after eating a spicy meal.

To prepare this delicious and soothing Odia dish, firstly whip the curd well by adding salt. Wash and cut brinjals into thick pieces of length around 2 inches. Fry the cut brinjals in a frying pan and then put them into the whipped curd. Heat two teaspoons of refined oil in another frying pan.

Add mustard, cumin seeds and curry leaves. When the seeds start crackling, add green chilies. Transfer the contents of the pan to the curd and brinjal mixture and stir lightly. Keep the dish aside for 10 minutes and then serve with hot rice or roti.

This is one of the favorite dishes to many. Spicy brinjals in curd is amazingly delicious and yummy with an excellent aroma. Do try this simple yet fantastic recipe and enjoy the taste and your kids and family will surely love the different taste of brinjal.

Tip: For best taste and flavor, fry some dry chilli and cumin then make a powder of it and sprinkle it on the dahi-baigana.

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Brinjals play an important role in a typical Andhra vegetarian meal. It’s the revered vegetable of Andhra cuisine.  Brinjal is high in water content and potassium. It is supposed to possess many medicinal properties and is used as a remedy for cancer, hypertension and diabetes. It is also an excellent source of dietary fiber.

It’s a very good source of vitamins B1, B6 and potassium. It’s a good source of copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, niacin, and folic acid. Nasunin, an anthocyanin from eggplant peels, is a potent antioxidant and free-radical scavenger, and has protective activity against lipid peroxidation.

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