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Beetroot Squash

Beetroot squash is an exceptional beverage made with beetroot, citric acid, fresh lime, grape or strawberry essence, sugar and water that give tangy taste with the zest of lime flavored with essence. It’s aromatic and yummy to taste.


Beetroots are tremendously powerful vegetables and can also be combined with apples, cucumber or carrots etc to make delectable juice. Beetroot squash is rich in essential nutrients such as folate, potassium and vitamin C. Beetroot squash looks colorful giving out its natural dark red color and a bit sweetness and aroma from the essence and tanginess from the lemon and citric acid.


Beetroot squash is a non-alcoholic beverage and flavored with your choice of flavorings. Squash is usually concentrated syrup that is generally fruit flavored and usually made from fruit juice, water and sugar or other sweetener. Modern squashes may also contain coloring and additional flavoring to enhance the taste.


There are some traditional cordials also that contain herbal extracts most notably the ginger. Traditionally squash must be mixed with a certain amount of water or club soda before drinking. As a drink mixer it may also be combined with an alcoholic beverage to prepare a cocktail.


Citrus fruits like orange, lime and lemon or a blend of fruits and berries are commonly used as the base of squash. There are many popular blends such as apple with blackcurrant, raspberry with pomegranate and orange or peach with mango.


Squash is popular beverage in the United Kingdom, Malta, Pakistan, Ireland, India, Scandinavia, South Africa, Kenya, Australia, Israel, New Zealand and Hong Kong. Squash is often colloquially known as "juice", especially when talking to young children because they may get confused by the term "squash", but this term is a misnomer; no squash is pure juice.


If they are not called "juice" when talking to children, it is commonly known as the fruit which it comes from or more rarely, "fruit drink" especially if it is ready-diluted in a plastic bottle or a paper carton.


To prepare this delicious and colorful Beetroot squash, firstly pressure cook the beetroot pieces with 2 cups of water. Grind this until you get a smooth pulp. Strain the pulp. Add a cup of water while straining the pulp so that it is thoroughly strained.


Boil sugar in the remaining water and when the sugar get completely dissolved and starts sticking, add the pulp to the sugar syrup and mix well.


Add essence, citric acid and lime juice to it and stir well. Pour the squash into a dry bottle when cooled and refrigerate. Do add water while making the drink and add more sugar if required. Citric acid gives the squash a sour taste and is very essential.


Do try preparing this beetroot squash and enjoy the delicious taste and serve it to your family.


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Beetroot pulp has a strong flavor, so do blend it with other juices and make a great drink of it. Beetroot is very good for health. The bright-red juice contains the chemical nitrate, which dramatically reduces blood pressure, cutting the risk of heart disease and strokes. It is also said that drinking beetroot juice can boost stamina.


In the few places, ready-diluted squash is also available in plastic bottles, cans and cartons. To make cocktails, diluted squash is often used as a base, flavorings or sweetener, and an alcoholic beverage is mixed in. Gin can be mixed with diluted squash to produce a cocktail similar to a gin and juice.


"Cordial" and "squash" are similar, although the products known as cordials tend to be thicker and stronger, requiring less syrup and more water to be blended. "High juice" is not a brand of squash, but it is a type that contains a larger amount of juice, around 45%.

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