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Back-To-School Kids Friendly Recipes

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Healthy Street Food Sandwich

Oops! Summer holidays are done and kids to go back to school. The thought of another long year in bringing up the kids, their studies and especially preparing food is just scary. Sending kids to school on time, preparing an early breakfast, lunch boxes is very hectic and tiring.


Come on, put your fears aside and gear up to face the year with smiling face and make this transition cool after a long summer break. Here come some awesome, easier, appetizing and time-saving recipes that will surely speed up your meal planning and also add fun food to every lunch box.


I am here to guide and share with you some fantastic tips in preparing easy lunches to pack off to school. School going kids need to consume proper healthy and nutritious food apart from being yummy too. Preparing lunch boxes for kids and office-goers adults is a big chore by itself, but some fast and clever tips would make this challenge much easier and your morning chore less hectic.

Simple Carrot Muffin

Tips to make stress-free Lunches:

  1. For a smooth morning day, wash, peel and cut vegetables in advance (possible the before night). Store them in air-tight packets and refrigerate.
  2. If it is sandwich, then have your kids pack their own lunch box. They could also lend a hand in assembling the veggies and sauces before bedtime. This would save time and kids would not complain about what’s in their lunchtime as they packed the box. Simple & clear.
  3. For adding up some protein to your kid’s lunch, before night, hard-boil few eggs and keep. Pack little salt and pepper in a container for dipping. This could go easy into their lunch box.
  4. Organize snacks ahead of time each day.
  5. Use different shapes of cookie cutters to cut sandwich and salad vegetable to make some fun food.
  6. An amazing lunch box with various compartments would cut down on packing time and help you remember all the food items.
  7. Try varieties of sweet and savory muffins adding different combination of fruits and vegetables.
  8. You could also pre-prep rolls, nuggets or wraps and microwave in the morning and pack in hot case. Add some interesting sauces which mean plenty of flavors but not too much saturated.
  9. To offer plenty of vitamin C and calcium in the food, sneak in some mushrooms, chicken shreds, and spinach into the roll, wrap, pancake or pizza.
  10. Try & pack different food dishes every day for lunch. Make sure the foods are manageable and easy to eat as most kids don’t like getting sticky hands.


Masala Grilled Sandwich 

 Crunchy Vegetable Nuggets 

There are a plenty of food choices that one can choose for preparing a lunch box. Healthy lunches and snacks are very important for kids being active. Hence always remember to add in good amount of fresh fruits and vegetables with a combination rich in protein, carbohydrate and nutrient-dense foods. Ultimately eating nutritious foods help kids concentrate and learn. A proper and well balanced meal can help set your kids up for a successful school year.  

Banana Muffins 

Healthy Breakfast Patties 

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