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Paya Attu kalu curry

Feet of lamb cooked into curry. Paya Attu kalu curry is an authentic dish where legs of lamb cooked into thick soup with Indian spices....

Date: - Dec 12, 2018


Paya is a popular South Indian soup made of mutton. Also known as aatu kaal paya regionally, this stew is served with rice, chapati or parotta. Paya Soup is the lamb trotters' soup cooked with Indian spices in Indian style....

Date: - Feb 27, 2019

Mutton Soup

Mutton Paya Soup is a soup or stew made from the legs of lamb which are also called as lamb trotters and this is a very healthy soup recipe....

Date: - Nov 24, 2016


Mutton soup is a simple, healthy, nutritious and delicious dish made with mutton or lamb or chicken with bones, onions, tomato, green chill...

Date: - Sep 27, 2016

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