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Onion Chutney

Ulli kuram or Onion chutney is an extremely renowned Andhra recipe that is offered like a side dish together with South Indian morning meal items. Onion Chutney recipe involves save if you find no tomato or coconut available. ...

Date: - Mar 23, 2019

Sweet Dosa with Flour

This sweet dosa is made with jaggery, whole wheat flour, and rice flour. Jaggery is a rich source of iron....

Date: - Mar 13, 2019

Soya Dosa

Soya makes dosa special, which makes breakfast even better to have. It is easy to make with very few ingredients in less time. ...

Date: - Feb 16, 2019

Quick and simple coconut chutney

Coconut chutney recipe is an easy and quick to make chutney which serves as a side dish for idli, dosa, Pongal....

Date: - Mar 22, 2019

Dosa Adai

Dosa Adai is an extremely flavourful dish. Dosa served with potato masala is one of the most traditional favorite dishes of the south India. Adai batter ground to a smooth paste and spread into a thin crispy pancake lends itself to satiate your palate. Dosa Adai is a fantastic and super breakfast dish which is enticing to the taste buds....

Date: - Mar 9, 2019


A great combination juicy boneless chicken and potato, perfect to serve with dosa and also hot rice....

Date: - Jun 29, 2018

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