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Healthy Eating Habits & Foods

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Nowadays you would often hear in newspapers, television channels, magazines, and advices from doctors, nutritionists, dieticians and friends about developing healthy eating habits especially among kids. Most of us actually overlook this to be either a style statement or craze or trend that is practiced off late but little do we really realize the importance of healthy eating habits.

Many of us think or believe that we need to eat delicious, tasty and appetizing food just to live and delight our taste buds, but by not eating the right kind of food can lead us into various health related problems like Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension etc which are eagerly waiting to attack us anytime.

Today’s upscale market with a number of huge multiplex malls have umpteen variety of processed foods, tempting and attractive  junk foods, ready to eat snacks, and fat-filled foods that really tempt most of our kids to munch on.

This is exactly the testing time and difficult task for any parent to stop them from regularly buying or offering such kind of foods and need to explain the kids and teach them about right kind of healthy eating habits. Once you start and inculcate this practice of eating healthy food right from their childhood then they would obviously follow it and remain healthy and fit.

What is a Healthy eating habit and how do we follow?? Crisply saying, healthy eating can be said as consuming the precise amounts of foods from all five main food groups which includes whole grains, vegetables, fruits, diary, protein, sugar and fat. Having a balanced diet is the key component of healthy eating which leads to a healthy life.

Eating junk foods or fast foods now and then in moderation is Ok, but as long as you keep your healthy eating habits regular and forming on eating the right type of foods from the childhood stage itself will give you amazing benefits with essential vitamins and nutrients that is required for you to grow big and strong.

Eating in moderate amounts or controlled portion sized foods is the key to maintain a healthy weight. Apart from healthy eating, you should also understand that working on any type of physical activity or regular exercising will keep you Be Fit. Be Cool!

Some tips if followed or practiced in your daily lifestyle patterns will establish a healthy and strong life ahead:

  • Firstly parents need to set an example by eating healthy foods along with kids. Allow them to eat plenty of healthy foods like fruits, raw vegetables, low fat crackers, buttermilk, low fat dairy products to curb their hunger prangs in between meals if required.
  • Set up a regular time for snack and meal schedule so that their body is used to a schedule and their hunger and appetite are more regularized. This also helps the child feel more in tune with his body.
  • Make kids eat a healthy breakfast before going to school, college etc as this helps your child stay a healthy weight. This also aids the process for using calories throughout the day. You could include light, fat free foods like idli, dosa, vegetable upma or a healthy whole grain sandwich with low-fat cheese or oatmeal cereal with milk and fruit.
  • Give them fresh natural fruit juices instead of aerated drinks.
  • Do not over feed the kids just to finish off the food in the plate.
  • Serve modest portions of food and with a little change in the variety and taste instead of serving a routine meal which they might not eat or relish daily.
  • Don’t offer food as a reward for any type of their success in studies or sports. Do give them new foods along with their regular food that they like to encourage them.

Top Healthy Indian foods: Overall, Indian foods is generalized as very oily, spicy, rich, full of fat, and creamy. It is not exactly true since we also have multi-fold, magnitude variety of dishes that comes from our diversified culture and traditions thus including some of the most healthy and nutritious dishes too.

Indian food definitely has all the components like carbohydrates, protein, fat, and various nutrients in a balanced meal. Listed below are some wonderful and highly nutritious healthy foods that you can offer your kids and family.

  • Buttermilk is one the most refreshing, cooling Indian beverages that can substitute all the aerated drinks and artificial juices. It is low in fat, high in calcium, potassium, vitamin B12 and riboflavin. It is also a good source of phosphorous. Drinking buttermilk aids digestive problems as it has more lactic acid than skim milk. One cup of buttermilk has about 99 calories and 2.2 grams of fat.
  • Sol Kadhi is another popular traditional Indian beverage made with kokam and coconut milk. It is one of the best pleasant pink coloured drinks served as an appetizer and is good for digestion.
  • Lentils, Dals etc. Sambar is one of the most widely prepared stew like dish that goes well with rice, idli, dosa, vada etc and is made with tur dal. South Indian sambar has minimal fat and one serving includes approx 50 calories only and 2.6 grams carb, 15 grams protein and about 1.5 grams fat.
  • Rajma or Kidney beans are a popular north Indian dish which is slightly thick gravy and served with rice, roti, chapatti etc. Kidney beans are known for their high content in protein, folate and minerals. A cup of cooked rajma provides approx. 45 % intake of fiber.
  • A pan-fried Hara bhara kabab makes a great snack as it contains spinach, green peas and spices. Kids would enjoy the taste and its easy to eat with any fuss.
  • Fat free Butter Chicken – Low fat butter chicken that the whole family will be delighted to cherish. If you really love butter chicken but are worried about the high calorie content then this healthy recipe is just for you.
  • Sprouts Salad is a nice mix of moong dal sprouts, cow pea sprouts, alpha alpha sprouts, spring onions, Chinese cabbage, paneer and mildly spiced.
  • Healthy Vegetable Wrap
  • Healthy Breakfast Patties
  • A Healthy Dates and Nuts Candy without fat
  • Fat Free Mix Vegetable Indian Bread Paratha
  • Healthy Fruit Chaat




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Finally, instead of inviting health related problems, one of the best saying that we all know is “prevention is better than cure”, so this is the right time to kick off and start scheduling a good lifestyle with high-quality healthy eating habits.

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Enjoy healthy eating and Be Fit. Be Cool!

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