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Hariyali Jinga
Hariyali Jhinga or Shrimp green curry, is a dry dish made with shrimp/ prawns blended and cooked in fresh green herbs and spices made of fresh mint leaves, coriander leaves and green chillies to give a nice green color to the dish. Shrimps are small huge in their appeal deliciously clean and crispy to taste. They can be either served hot or cold and are the most popular seafood in the United States.
Fortunately, we can also get fresh or frozen shrimp throughout the year. Once cooked, the flesh of these crustaceans becomes opaque and cream or pinkish in color. It’s a wonderfully nutritious alternative to meat proteins, firm, translucent, flesh of raw shrimp is low in calories and saturated fat. Royyalu /Shrimp are anything but small in their nutrient density.
Shrimp is an excellent source of selenium and unusually low-fat, low-calorie protein--a four ounce serving of shrimp supplies 23.7 grams of protein (that's 47.4% of the daily value for protein) for a mere 112 calories and less than a gram of fat. Shrimp also emerged as a very good source of vitamin D and vitamin B12. People have been enjoying shrimp as a food ever since this beautiful crustacean appeared in the Earth's waters, basically since time immemorial.
Shrimp/ Prawn is found throughout almost the entire world. While many countries farm raise shrimp, much of the world's supply comes from the United States, South and Central America, Japan, Thailand and Taiwan. Shrimp is an excellent source of protein and selenium. It is also a very good source of vitamin D, vitamin B12 and a good source of iron, phosphorus, omega-3 fatty acids, niacin, zinc, copper and magnesium.
Preparing the Hariyali Jhinga is quite easy and fast to cook. Firstly blend all the fresh greens like the coriander (kothmir) leaves, mint (pudina) leaves, and green chillies, salt in a blender to a fine paste and keep aside. Take a pan add oil, add chopped onions, pinch of salt.
Fry the onions till they are slightly brown in color. Add little turmeric, ginger garlic paste and mix well, add coriander powder, coriander mint and green chili paste and cook this mixture till it oozes off oil. Once done add chopped curry leaves.
When the mixture gets dry than add shrimp and mix well till the green masala is coated well to the shrimp. Add crushed pepper on top cover and cook for few mins.  Remember that you should not over cook the prawns or else they would become rubbery or chewy.
Remove the lid and cook for another 2 mins. Finally add a pinch of garam masala powder and mix well.  Add little lemon juice and serve hot. The Hariyali Jhinga or Shrimp green curry is truly delicious letting out the fresh earthly flavors of the mint, coriander and the curry leaves.
Curry leaves are native to India. They are highly aromatic. The leaves are highly valued as seasoning in southern and west-coast Indian and Sri Lankan cooking, much like bay leaves, and especially in curries. They are also used to make thoran, vada, rasam and kadhi.
Curry leaf is a vital ingredient in most of the dish of the Indian cuisine. The curry leaves are used as a herb in many Ayurvedic medicines. Their properties include much value as an anti-diabetic, antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory etc. Curry leaves are also known to be good for hair, for keeping it healthy and long.

Hariyali Jinga

Author : Admin

Published On : Feb 5, 2010

Preparation Time: 7 min

Recipe Type : NonVeg-Main

Cooking Time : 25 min

Standing Time : 5-8 mins

Yield : 4 (4 servings)

Ingredient : Shrimp

 Description : recipe to be updated pl watch video
Recipe of Hariyali Jinga
Ingredient Name Unit Quantity
coriader powder
coriander leaves
curry leaves
as needed
ginger garlic paste
Green Chillies
Mint Leaves
pepper powder
as needed
as needed
turmeric powder
Directions | How to make Hariyali Jinga

Take a pan add oil, onions chopped,salt mix well cook till brown in colour. Blend coriander leaves,mint, green chillies, salt and keep a side. once onions are brown add turmuric, gingercarlic paste mix well, then add coriader powder, add coriander paste cook for 5 mins, add curry leaves, mix well, once the mixture is dry add shrimp, mix well and then add pepper and close it with a lid. cook for 5 to 10 min and finely add coriander leaves.

Although most commonly used in curries, leaves from the curry tree can be used in many other dishes to add spice.
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