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Basbousa is a popular sweet cake made of semolina or farina soaked in syrup. It is also commonly known as Hareesa in Arabic or revani in Turkish or ravani in Greek. The syrup may also optionally contain orange flower water or rose water. This dish is very common in Egypt and this cake has many years of service in the Egyptian kitchen. Basbousa is found in the cuisines of the Eastern Mediterranean under a variety of names. It appears to be a variant of the Egyptian dish ma’mounia. In southern Greece this dish is commonly called as ravani while in the north it is known as revani. It is a traditional dessert in Veria. Basbousa is often called as Hareesa in the Maghreb and Alexandria. There are different other recipes of making the Basbousa that requires adding coconut flakes. They are also other variations where few people add yoghurt and few do not. It is also called as Nammourah (Namoora in Lebanon) or Hareeseh besides many other names across the Middle East name Basbooseh or Basboosa. Traditionally they are small cakes that are covered with syrup and are perfect with coffee or tea. Farina, ingredient used in making Basbousa is a cereal food frequently describes as mild tasting usually served warm, made from cereal grains. In English, the word usually refers to semolina or cream of wheat made from soft wheat. Wheat farina is a carbohydrate rich food, often cooked in boiling water and served warm for breakfast, or cooked with milk and made into semolina pudding. It is used as an ingredient in many dishes and in processed foods such as breakfast cereals and pasta. The word farina comes from the Latin "farina" meaning meal or flour. There are many varieties of Arabic sweets that are truly delicious. When you walk into a dessert shop specialized in Arabic sweets you feel like really want a bit of everything but there is a common belief that Arabic sweets are hard to prepare but this recipe of Basbousa is simple and easy to prepare at home. This excellent semolina cake is a very popular dessert in Middle Eastern cities and can be found commonly sold on a push trolley scrolling down the streets. It is a sweet dish that can be served as a dessert after a meal or had on its own with afternoon tea. To prepare this special Middle Eastern delicacy, firstly mix the yoghurt, sugar and butter together until the sugar gets totally dissolved. Mix the semolina, baking powder and sodium carbonate and add to the yoghurt mixture. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly well (The dough should be heavy). Brush the cooking tray with Tahini using a spoon. Pour over the dough and spread evenly all over the plate. Cut the dough mixture into square pieces and then cut the square into halves. Top each piece with a half almond. Bake the dough in the oven over 375 degree Fahrenheit for 20 minutes or until it gets golden color. Remove from oven and add a tablespoon of butter to the syrup and spread evenly over the cooked dough. Put it back in the oven again for another 3 minutes and remove and keep aside. Let the baked sweet cooled down (do not cool it in the refrigerator). Serve once it is completely cooled down. Do enjoy this traditional Egyptian dessert recipe and enjoy its taste. Click on the link for detailed recipe at: For all those who have not eaten this dish do try this Middle Eastern dessert which is a special cake but not exactly a cake. Basbousa is a dish that is tasty and light.

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