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Easy Paneer Dry Recipes

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Paneer in Hindi is derived from the Persian word panir, a fresh cheese common in South Asian cuisine. Paneer is of Indian origin especially very popular with the north Indian and is generally called as Chhena in the eastern parts of India. It is an unaged, acid-set, non-melting farmer cheese or curd cheese made by curdling heated milk with lemon juice or other food acid.

Paneer is very versatile, soft and blends well with creamy sauces. It is usually served as an appetizer or accompaniment to a main course. It is moist and has soft crumbly texture. It best making at home as its fresh and hygienic. Unlike most cheeses in the world, the making of paneer does not involve rennet as the coagulation agent, thus making it completely lacto-vegetarian and providing one of the sources of protein for vegetarians in India. It is generally unsalted.

Paneer is the most common types of cheese used traditionally in South Asian cuisines and more common in northern India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh due to the prominence of milk in their cuisine. It is very popular when wrapped in dough and deep-fried or served with either spinach (palak paneer) or peas (mattar paneer). Rasgulla a very popular sweet of Kolkata and well known worldwide is made of Chhena beaten by hand and shaped into balls which are lated soaked in syrup.

Paneer is slightly chewy consistency and mild flavour. It hold its shape well and doesn’t melt, hence you can sauté it, grill or crumble/ grate and just do about anything to add in your dishes. Paneer also happens to be one of the easiest cheeses to make at home, requiring nothing more than milk and lemon juice. Paneer is one of the rich source of proteins for most vegetarians and are added to classic Indian dishes like kormas, curries etc. Listed below are some of the exceptional and exotic easy Paneer dry recipes:

Paneer Egg Rolls Its An innovative crispy rolls, paneer egg rolls are made from oats, crumbled paneer, and spice. This is a fried snack item that is sure to appeal to all, when served hot with mint and coriander chutney or ketchup.

Paneer Pasanda Pakoda This is a very popular crunchy crispy deep fried snack or starter dish. Paneer is coated with gram flour and spices and deep fried into paneer pakoda or fritters. These are excellent as starter or cocktail snack is served with green mint chutney.

Paneer Paratha Paneer Paratha is a popular Punjabi paratha recipe. A delicious double-layer of paratha filled with spiced paneer or cottage cheese is an experience one should die for.

Paneer Do Pyaza Dry Paneer do pyaza is an appealing paneer dish with luscious paneer or cottage cheese cubes cooked in a rich and creamy onion based gravy. 

Paneer Bhurji Paneer bhurji is a scramble made with succulent pieces of paneer, onions, tomoto and colourful capsicums (yellow and green) mixed together and spiced with the heat of green chillies and sprinkled with a dash of lime juice to offer a tang to the dish.

Paneer Amritsari Paneer Amritsari is an excellent and popular dish from the Punjabi cuisine usually sold in many restaurants and Punjabi dhabas. Also made as a lip smacking finger snack at evening party time, It is one of the hottest favorite options among the vegetarians. 

Chilli Paneer Chilli Paneer is a simple dish made from paneer (soft cheese), bell peppers, green chilies and other spices to give it a nice yummy taste. This is a stir fry dish. 

Paneer 65 Crispy battered fried paneer, very yummy to taste. 

Chilli Tofu Paneer Yummy dish made with deep fried paneer and tofu pieces sautéed in a sweet and spicy slurry. 

Paneer Egg Shakshuka Shakshouka (also shakshuka) is a dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, onions, often spiced with cumin. It is believed to have a Tunisian origin. 

Chatpata Phaldari Phool Makhana Paneer Phool makhana is a lotus seed if they fried becomes crispy then tossed with some fruits and veggies by sprinkling some masalas it make it chatpata. This is an yum chatpata evening snack dish liked by everyone.

Paneer Pizza Pockets Paneer pizza pockets are easy to make snacks stuffed with paneer, herbs and spices same like paneer pizza topping and deep fried. 

Paneer Besan Ka Cheela Paneer Besan ka Cheela or gram flour combined with grated paneer and made into excellent savoury pancakes. 

Popcorn Paneer with Homemade Cheese Popcorn paneer makes a great appetizer. It is basically like nuggets only smaller in size and is crispy and bites size. The paneer pieces are double breaded and then fried in the deep fryer. You can cut the paneer up however you want; either into bigger or smaller pieces. 

Sandwich Paneer Pakoda A popular variation of paneer pakora is to sandwich two pieces of paneer with green chutney before dipping them in the pakora batter. 

Palak Paneer Paratha An whole wheat flour Indian flat bread stuffed with a mix of spinach and paneer (Indian cottage cheese). 

Paneer Satay with Peanut Sauce Paneer cut in to big size and marinated with different fresh flavourful herbs and coconut milk, peanut butter and cooked on griller till light brown colour. This is served with peanut sauce. 

Paneer Butter Pepper Fry Paneer Butter Pepper Fry – mildly spiced batter coated paneer deep fried until slightly browned and later tossed in some butter and pepper masala. 

Paneer dishes are popular mainly in starters. There are a wide range of dry paneer recipes that tastes extremely fab and yum as starters or appetizers.

Do try these recipes and I am sure your family and kids would enjoy the taste.

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