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Bamboo Shoot Fry

Bamboo shoot fry is a crispy side dish that can be excellently served as a different vegetarian starter. This recipe is fairly simple and just made by sautéing tender bamboo shoots with few fenugreek seeds and dry red chilies. Bamboo shoot fry is a dish that would tempt one and all as you would hardly resist the aroma and fragrance lingering around while cooking the tender shoots.

Bamboo is a natural resource and the young and tender bamboo plant otherwise known as bamboo shoot is utilized as one of the food items in several countries. Bamboo shoots are available in various forms such as dried, canned, boiled, fermented or medicinal.

There are a variety of dishes that can be made with bamboo shoot such as Bamboo shoot fry salad, Beans and bamboo shoots, Aloo Tama (a popular Nepali vegetarian dish made with potato and bamboo shoot), Mesu Pickle (fermented bamboo shoot), Pork in bamboo shoot etc. Bamboo comes from the grass family and the shoots are young, new canes are harvested for food before they are two weeks old or one foot tall.

Bamboo shoots are crisp and tender compared to asparagus having a flavour similar to corn. They are widely used in Asian cuisine and especially in north-eastern India. Generally canned bamboo shoots are common, but fresh grown bamboos have far better flavour and texture. Cooking tender bamboo shoots are easy. You need to peel the bamboo shoot before cooking.

Do not eat bamboo shoots raw as they taste bitter and can be hard to digest. Before cooking the bamboo shoots, trim the roots, peel the outer leaves (sheath leaves) and remove the tough flesh of the shoots before cooking. The tender leaves can be left attached and eaten. The shoots should be cut across the grain into one-eighth inch slices. If very tender, the shoot can be cut into any pattern.

Generally the tender bamboo shoots are cooked in boiling water uncovered for about 20 minutes. Leaving the pan uncovered allows the compounds that cause bitterness to dissipate into the air. If there is any bitter taste to the shoots after cooking, boil them in fresh water for 5 more minutes. Bamboo shoots can also be microwaved, in an uncovered shallow pan of water for four minutes.

Shoots will still be crisp and crunchy after cooking. To prepare this appetizing Bamboo Shoot fry, firstly scale off the hard exterior of the bamboo shoot, wash and cut into small pieces. Add little baking soda and mix well. Fry methi seeds and dry red chillies and salt to taste. Stir all ingredients well.

Add the bamboo shoots into the pan and cook on a slow fire. When the bamboo shoots dry up, add 2 tablespoons of water and stir well. Serve hot and crisp. Do try this dish. The bamboo shoot fry is nutritious as the bamboo shoots are low in fats and cholesterol contents and very high in potassium, carbohydrates and dietary fibre. Fibre helps keep cholesterol levels in check and plays a role in preventing colon cancer.

Potassium is a heart-healthy mineral. It helps to maintain normal blood pressure and a steady heartbeat. Bamboo shoots also enhance the digestive action of the stomach. It is also beneficial in various types of stomach disorders. It is especially effective in treating diarrhoea.

Bamboo shoot soup can speed up the measles cycle in children. Having bamboo shoot soup, twice a day can speed up the appearance of measles rashes and so the recovery will also be fast. In Chinese medicine, bamboo shoot is extensively used to treat infections. Bamboo shoots are also a rich source of lignans. Lignans have anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties.

As such, including bamboo shoots in the diet is a good way to include all these health benefits. Bamboo shoots also have anti-inflammatory properties and anti-oxidants. So, bamboo shoots are very effective in reducing the risk of cancer and also prevent any injury to blood vessels. Now by knowing all these health and nutritional benefits, I am sure you would try making this recipe a part of your meal.

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