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mango rice
Raw mango or kairee or kayree as we call in Hindi language is abundant in the summer months. Mango rice is one such classic dish made of fluffy rice, freshly grated raw mango and spices to give a nice tangy and flavorful dish. Mangoes and summer season go hand in hand. Ugadi marks the beginning of the hot season or summer that coincides with the arrival of the mangoes.
Raw mangoes are available in abundance only during the two months (April/ May).  Ugadi is characterised by new clothes, sumptuous food and reveling. The air is filled with joy, enthusiasm and gaiety. People in Andhra Pradesh make full use of the raw mangoes to last them until the next season by preparing the famous Mango pickle.
They pickle the mangoes with salt, powdered mustard and powdered dry red chilli and a lot of oil to float over the mangoes. This preparation is called "avakai" and lasts for a whole year. The celebration of Ugadi is marked by religious zeal and social merriment. The doors in house are decorated with mango leaves and flowers. Special dishes are prepared for the occasion.
In Andhra Pradesh, eatables such as "Mamidikaaya pulihora" (Mango rice), "bobbatlu" and preparations made with raw mango go well with the occasion. In Karnataka too, similar preparations are made but called "puliogure" and "holige". The famous Ugadi pachadi is also made on this day where they use the raw mango pieces.
Raw mango rice is well blended rice with freshly grated mango to give a nice flavor and tangy taste that is enjoyed by most of the people. This simple dish needs less time to prepare and is suitable for lunch box also. To retain mango flavor and the nutrients, do not over-cook raw mango. Raw mango is known as Maangai in Tamil and as Kachcha Aam in Hindi. Rice (cooked) is known as Sadam in Tamil and as Chawal in Hindi.
Mangoes are the joyous herald. These delicious mango fruits have a divine taste and flavor that's quite unrivalled. The mangoes juicy and tangy taste makes it deal served as pickles, pachadis, chutney, juice (panna), mixed in dals and rices and so on. In Thailand, green mango slices are dipped in chilli powder, sugar and salt as a delicious snack item.
Grated green mango is used throughout Southeast Asia, India and Malaysia to add a tart flavor to dishes, especially in salads. The mango is the national fruit of India, Pakistan, and the Philippines. The mango tree is the national tree of Bangladesh. Mamidikaya annam (raw mango rice), a south Indian delicacy is prepared on Ugadi to celebrate the season’s fresh produce of mangoes.
This dish is almost prepared on the same lines as lemon rice and is the most simple and easiest recipe. It’s a wholesome tangy specialty and can also be made with left over rice for an interesting and refreshing change. Mango rice is a healthy rice dish unlike most pulaos and biryanis which calls for generous amount of oil or ghee.
The key to this rice dish is mango which lends it a tangy flavor and is counter balanced with a fragrant tempering of dals, chillis, hing, curry leaves, dried red chillies, slit green chillies and a good measure of peanuts or cashew nuts. The simplicity of ingredients keeps the aroma of raw mangoes mixed with turmeric intact and taste is just perfect. 
The most important thing in this preparation is the quality of raw Mango.  The raw mango has to be really sour, so it purely depends on the Mango taste.  If the raw Mango has wonderful aroma and sourness then the Mango rice would also have strong flavors and perfect taste.
To prepare perfect Mango rice, add oil in a hot pan, add whole dried red chillies, mustard seeds and cumin seeds. When they crackle add channa dal, urad dal, broken cashew nuts and sauté well, add hing, slit green chillies and curry leaves and fry.Add chopped ginger (optional), turmeric powder, salt and grated mangoes.
Cook till the grated mango mixture is tender and then add the cooked fluffy rice and mix well. The mango rice is ready to serve. Do prepare this dish and enjoy the aromatic flavors of this seasonal raw mango.
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Raw mango is specially used in making a wonderful cooling summer drink called panna or panha comes from mangoes. The delicious and very nutritious mango fruit is packed with vitamins and minerals. The mango is a native fruit of southern Asia, especially Burma and eastern India.
It is from these parts of the world that it slowly spread to Malaya, eastern Asia, and eastern Africa. It has been in cultivation for over 4,000 years although it was only introduced in Santa Barbara, California in 1880. Nutritionally, mangoes are wonderful sources of minerals such as copper and potassium. It also contains traces of other minerals such as manganese, selenium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and phosphorous.
Mangoes are high in vitamin A and vitamin C. Traces of other vitamins such as vitamin E, vitamin B, and vitamin K can also be found in this wonderful orange fruit. If you want more vitamin C, try eating a raw mango rather than a ripe one. The fiber content in mangoes is also higher than other fruits. Mangoes are also wonderful blood cleansers. It is also supposed to reduce excessive heat in the body and prevent body odors.

mango rice

Author : sarikas...

Published On : Mar 15, 2009

Preparation Time: 7 min

Recipe Type : Rices

Cooking Time : 25 min

Standing Time : 5-8 mins

Yield : 4 (4 servings)

Ingredient : Rice

 Description : rice cooked with fresh raw mango
Recipe of mango rice
Ingredient Name Unit Quantity
cashewnuts nuts
channa dal
chopped ginger optional

coriander leaves
fresh cooked rice
grated raw mango
green chillies
red chilli whole
to taste
urad dhal
Directions | How to make Mango Rice
heat pan , add oil  ,add red chilli whole , mustard seeds and cumin and crackle add channa dal.urad dal,broken cashewnuts, and saute add hing ,gr chillies,curryleaves add chopped ginger optional, turmeric  and add grated mango cook till mango is tender add boiled rice and mix well serve hot this is a festive rice and cooked in summer in India ( during mango season)

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