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Chinese Fortune Cookies

Chinese fortune cookies is an excellent, delicate lightweight delicious wafer type biscuit folded in such a way as to enclose a slip of paper with a fortune written on it.

These cookies are usually almond or vanilla flavoured biscuits which have a piece of paper inside with a prediction or prophecy written on it. Traditionally made, these fortunes make these fortune cookies so wonderful that few people don’t even eat them but just want the message as some fortunes are humorous, inspirational and religious.

But whichever you find, it’s all great fun. Chinese fortune cookies are usually crisp and made from flour, sugar, vanilla and oil with a huge and surprising fortune wrapped inside. The fortune a small piece of paper placed inside the cookies with words of wisdom written or a message which may include a Chinese phrase or a list of lucky numbers used by some as lottery numbers, some of which have become actual winner numbers.

Sources states that these cookies originated not in China but in America and are a take on the traditional Japanese tsujiura senbei, a food which is associated with New Year festivities at Shinto Shrines.  The tsujiura senbei contains a tsujiura (a writing that tells one’s fortunes) inside a senbei (Japanese crackers). Traditionally these senbei was not sweet.

The fortune cookies that we know today were made to suit the tastes of the Americans. The fortune cookie was made popular by Chinese workers, who worked on the building of the great American railways through the Sierra Nevada into California. Work was hard and they had no holidays. The Chinese New Year was of huge importance to them but they had neither money nor availability of the delicious moon cakes.

Instead those hard workers had only biscuits with happy messages inside, to exchange at the Moon festival instead of traditional cakes with happy messages, and thus the Fortune Cookie was born. Today, there is hardly any Chinese restaurant in that does not serve the fortune cookie after a delicious meal.

Another interesting fact remains that the fortune cookies are quite unknown in China, and in places where there are served, they are called American fortune cookies..! These Chinese fortune cookies are perfect after dinner treats, are little cute shaped cookies, something that will leave your guests look at you in awe, like you are some food goddess.

This is more cakey than crispy. Add the almond extract if you like the flavour. You can even reduce it to 1/4 tsp. Make it big or small, the size is all as per preference. Fortune cookies are often served as a dessert. Fortune cookies have been summarized as being "introduced by the Japanese", popularized by the Chinese, but ultimately consumed by Americans.

Fortune cookies, while largely an American item, are occasionally seen in other countries, most often at Chinese restaurants. Fortune cookies have been distributed in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, India, Brazil, Mexico, France, the Netherlands, and Germany. To have these Chinese fortunes cookies prepared in advance. Beat egg on low speed until frothy. Beat in sugar, a little at a time and continue beating until mixture is a very light yellow and thick.

Fold in corn oil. Blend water and a little of the egg mixture into cornstarch, then stir into the remaining egg mix. Heat heavy griddle to 350 degrees or until you sprinkle drops of water bounces back when dropped on the griddle. (for griddles without temperature control, keep heat between low and medium). Drop a ladle of batter on the griddle and spread with the back of a spoon to about 4 inches wide and 1/8 inch thick.

Cook until edges are slightly brown and cookies can be easily lifted from griddle with a spatula, 5 – 8 mins. (If cookies stick, bottoms need to be cooked a little longer). Turn cookies carefully & cook other side until light brown. Be careful to keep temperature even. Place fortune paper on cookie as soon as it is removed from the griddle.

Folding is easier to do than to describe, but the end result is shaped like a horseshoe. Fold opposite edges together, forming a semicircle. Crease crosswise at the centre of the straight edge to form a flattened side, then bend the opposing corners together for the traditional shape. Set in a small glass or muffin tin until cookie cools and holds its shape. Wipe griddle & stir batter. Repeat.

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There are a variety of cookies that one can make at home. Kids love to cookies and generally carry them in their tiffin boxes as snacks or many love eating during tea time. Some of the popular served cookies are peanut and raisin cookies, atta cookies, coconut cornflakes cookies, chocolate cookie cake, best chocolate chip cookies and many more. Chinese fortune cookies are truly wonderful, different from the other cookies, unique style of preparing yet delicious. Do try this one out.

You can do it with the children and they will have loads of fun. Do you have something special to tell someone; try pass it through this cookie. You can also simple convey a message to someone or if you want to make a style statement at your next party, go for this one. In every way, this recipe is a keeper, so keep it, make it and enjoy it!

Enjoy Cooking!

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