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Eggless Sponge Cake


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Eggless Sponge Cake Recipe, Anda Meetha , How To Make Eggless Sponge Cake Recipe

Eggless sponge cake is one such cake which is a boon to them and can equally enjoy eating delicious eggless cakes and relish it like others do.

About Recipe

Gruddu methai, Muttai inippu, Deem Misti

How to make Eggless Sponge Cake

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Prep time
20 mins
Cook time
45 mins
Total time
65 mins
Eggless Sponge Cake
Author : Vahchef
Main Ingredient : Maida flour
Servings : 8 persons
Published date : December 10, 2018

Ingredients used in Eggless Sponge Cake
• Maida- all urpose flour - 2+1/2 cup.
• Powder sugar - 1+1/2 cup.
• Butter - 1+1/2 cup.
• Evaporated milk or condensed milk - 200 ml.
• Cocoa powder - 1/2 cup.
• Baking powder - 1 tea spoon.
• Coke can - 1+1/2 cup.
  • Preheat the oven for 15 mins 400 F.
  • For this cake we have to use cookie sheet so prepare them by spraying with non-stick spray and keep aside.
  • In a bowl or mixer if you have take 200ml of condensed milk or plain milk,add powdered sugar and mix it.
  • Whisk until well mixed. melt the butter and add it when warm to the sugar mixture and beat until mixed well.
  • Now take the dry ingredients the 2 1/2 cups all purpose flour add 1/2 cup of coco powder,add 1tablespoon of baking powder and mix everything add the wet ingrdient in the flour mixture and just mix it.
  • now add the soda i.e. coke and mix everything well it should be not be too thick.
  • now divide the batter evenly on the two prepared sheets,just tap the sheets inorder the spread evenly and remove the air bubble.
  • Put these sheets in the preheated oven at 400F for 15mins and switch of immediately and let it be in the oven for next 15 not remove them let them cook in switched off oven.remove them and let them cool completely before doing any icing.

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Recent comments

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Rajiv Kumar Posted on Tue Jun 06 2017

nice recipe

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jjsadhana1984 Posted on Wed Nov 21 2012

thnx so much for eggless recipe.... many many thnx...

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Mithra M Posted on Wed Dec 05 2012

any idea , why coke is used??? is the cake fluffy ... as eggless cakes are generally NOT fluffy also heavy

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Dandu Maheshwari Posted on Fri Dec 07 2012

instead coke can we add eggs if that plz tell me how many eggs i shud add for the quantities u r showing

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uday kiran Posted on Sun Dec 16 2012

can we replace whole wheat flour instead of white or all purpose flour?

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uday kiran Posted on Sun Dec 16 2012

how can we cook the same recipe in pressure cooker?

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Sunetra Patil Posted on Sat Dec 22 2012

Excellent job. All your receips are excellent. keep it up!!

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umanandhini perumal Posted on Thu Jan 03 2013

tats very sinful...i followed it too

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profile image

umanandhini perumal Posted on Thu Jan 03 2013

im a vegetarian...tat was simple n awesome..v can get self raising cake flour in my i should b reducing the baking powder rite?...wats ur opinion?...

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Anuj Agarwal Posted on Tue Jan 22 2013

Partly yes..It does make it soft.. But one of its main work is to act as a binding and raising agent..Baking powder does the raising part..but like our chef here has mentioned, it tends to do it at the central region..the coke takes it towards the ed

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Anuj Agarwal Posted on Tue Jan 22 2013

Oh Nice Umanandhini. How did it come out?? Any modifications that you tried apart from mine?

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sharon wong Posted on Tue Feb 05 2013

chef!i love your attitude!

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