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Bechamel Sauce White Sauce

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Bechamel Sauce White Sauce Recipe, doodh Chutney, How To Make Bechamel Sauce White Sauce Recipe

Bechamel sauce otherwise known as white sauce is one of the mother sauces of French cuisine.

About Recipe

Pala pachadi, Pal karathuvaiyal, Dudha Chatni

How to make Bechamel Sauce White Sauce

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Prep time
20 mins
Cook time
25 mins
Total time
45 mins
Bechamel Sauce  White Sauce
Author : Vahchef
Main Ingredient : Milk
Servings : 2 persons
Published date : September 10, 2018

Ingredients used in Bechamel Sauce White Sauce
• Onion - half number.
• White pepper - 1 tea spoon.
• Salt - to taste.
• Milk - 3 cups.
• Butter - half cup.
• Maida flour - half cup.
• Bay leaf - 1 number.
• Cloves - 5 number.
  • Take a pan add butter once butter melts add maida flour mix well with out forming lumps do not brown this mixture then switch off the flame.
  • Take half onion stud cloves into onion and bay leaf keep a side.
  • Take warm milk add little by little to the flour mixture mix with out forming lumps once it is done now switch off the flame keep mixing this mixture till it comes to boil in a very slow flame,add salt,pepper, the onion and bay leaf, cloves boil for 10 minutes, to check the sauce is ready take the spoon just draw a line at the back it should hold to that line.
  • Once the sauce is ready remove the onion switch off the flame, transfer to another bowl.can use this sauce for pastas.

Cooking with images Milk , Milk , Halu catni


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profile image

Nick Monrad Posted on Wed Feb 03 2010

You own in the cooking world, Vahchef. I love Indian food and these videos -- Indian and western-style -- always entertain as well as really equip for preparing great food. Also, 1080p :o

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didajosh Posted on Wed Feb 03 2010

thanks chef..u r the best!!!

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moofushu Posted on Thu Feb 04 2010

I'm not a chef but, what is the difference between this and a gravy?

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mara235 Posted on Thu Feb 04 2010

love ya chef - but I use a whisk when adding roux to sauce as it may be easier to distribute the thickener without lumps - but to each their own ;))

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tgz1000 Posted on Fri Feb 05 2010


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Lightnin Hopkins Posted on Wed Feb 10 2010

why did you use warm milk? you explained about having a cold roux in your mise en place, to lie' everything. Surely you were trained to use contrasting temps werent you?. And, hard to believe the onion pique' added much flavor for the tiny

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VahChef Posted on Wed Feb 10 2010

its best, if you add onion to boiling milk to get better flavor ,or even better to saute in butter

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Bhavani Sai Posted on Wed Feb 10 2010

I like all your vegetarian dishes. You have very good talent in expressing and keeping us engaged with constant talk, which is quite informative. Keep it up.

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basilwhite Posted on Thu Feb 11 2010

FANTASTIC explanation of mother sauces, and how to make and use bechamel and why bechamel is important. Outstanding.

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priakumar111 Posted on Wed Jun 02 2010

Hey Sanjay, I love your cooking.. you are the best Indian chef...but am still waiting for white sauce and red sauce recipe. :(

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Iftikhar Kazi Posted on Sun Sep 12 2010

@aprilouise14 if you dont like the video then please dont criticize and watch something else

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sads87 Posted on Thu Oct 21 2010

I love your presentation! You're so earnest and humble!

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