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Portion Control Tips

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Firstly we all need to understand what Portion Control means? By this you actually know the size of food served, number of calories and how much food energy a serving contains. This is mainly important for body weight management as weight is normally defined by the total calorie intake. Portion control purely depends on eating a healthy balanced amount and types of varied foods.

Planning the right amounts of meals and using in smaller dishes would surely help in having portion controlled size meals and helps to avoid overeating etc. Generally most of the people very badly estimate the sizes of the meals when it comes to cup size etc, as it’s quite trick, hence it is always best to measure in grams and then eat the right amount.

The first rule is not to skip meals as generally when you starve you tend to eat extra large portions, hence plan well designed meals to eat three times a day and one snack in between. During occasions, festivals, you can freely indulge as food is everywhere but the trick is to enjoy what you eat and mindfully avoid eating high fat and high cholesterol and calorie foods.

Eat larger portions of healthy foods balanced with smaller portions of high calorie choices. Eat more fruits and veggies that are rich in fiber, nutrients and low in calories which will help in filling your stomach. Do not make meats the main course of your meal instead load it up with healthy grains and veggies. Meat based dishes are best as side dish.

This way you will feel full and pack yourself with more nutrients which are always better in the long run. Do not go for a second serving. Share your meal with your friend which will save on the extra calories. Identify and learn serving sizes. Eat small meals to keep your blood sugar even. It is said that people who eat 5 to 6 small portions of meal each day are more likely to maintain portion control because they never get too hungry.

Why is portion control important while eating? Portion control is very important, since it controls people from over eating and over consuming. Over eating can cause lots of digestion or absorption problems and eventually obesity.

Portion control directly aids you to lose weight. In short, the portion controlled plate will help in reminding about healthy eating habits every time you sit down to eat. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables like carrots, raw tomatoes, apples, watermelon have few calories and lots of nutrients, hence they make ideal snacking when you are hungry.

Vegetable soups are another ideal choice as it is low in calories and help you to reduce the consumption of overall amount of food. While it’s important to eat a balanced diet, it’s even more important to look at the quantity of food you eat and control your portions carefully. Ultimately your goal is to eat healthy portion and not clean up the plate.

By practicing these tips on a regular basis, you can help to regulate your portion control and maintain a healthy diet long term.

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