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Mango Dessert Recipes Indian – My Favourites

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Mango is the “king of all fruits” and who doesn’t like this attractive, sweet and aromatic fruit. For most foodies in India, summer is synonymous with the arrival of mangoes and each state or region boasting of with different varieties of mangoes and their traditional delicacies to exhibit.


Mango, green and raw or ripe mangoes have their way into any type of cuisine, originating with various types of sweet and savoury dishes to offer. Mango is a prime table wonder fruit and is relished by one and all during the summer season. However, during off season, most of us use mango pulp to replace the fresh fruit.


Basically mango pulp is the processed fruit that is preserved and has an extended shelf life for two years. During the season, ripe matured mangoes are selected, washed, blanched, seeds and skin removed and sent to be pulped. Commercially mango pulp is used for making a variety of mango drinks, milk shakes, juices and beverages. For enjoying this tropical flair, you could just whip up the mango pulp which can be added in mango ice-cream, mango brulee or mango cake. Indian mango pulp is a household name in most homes throughout the country.


We get varied types of mango pulp such as Totapuri Mango pulp, Alphonso mango pulp etc. The unique blend of tang and zest contributes widely in making delectable dishes and provides the best of taste, aroma, nutrition and sheer indulgence that touches your heart and delights our palate.


Mangoes are rich in antioxidants and add lots of fiber to the diet.  Mangoes offer important vitamins and minerals for our body, preventing that way from many dangerous diseases and keeping our body healthy and fit. The fruit is also rich in vitamin E and it is believed that therefore this fruit is an aphrodisiac.


They are good for acidity, digestion, and heart problems and also prevent from cancer. They are good source of vitamin C and iron which is good for glowing skin. Ripe juicy mango is one fabulous and classic fruit that most kids would jump for and would never miss to relish one at least.


This is extremely a finger-licking fruit. Mangoes are seasonal fruit in India and many of us actually enjoy every bit of its taste and tang. They are often in lassi, chutneys, pickles, curries, shakes, salads etc. Fully ripe mangoes can be eaten as a fruit or in a form of dish used in desserts such as ice-creams, kulfi, puddings etc. Mango Crepes This is a very quick recipe for your breakfast making a pan cake and pouring mango have pulp on top and have it.

Mango Shake Mango shake is a luscious and refreshing beverage which is made with sweet ripe mangoes blended with little sugar and milk. Mango milkshake is one of most sought after healthy drink during summers in India. in fact, mango milkshake and banana milk shake are two very popular drinks in north India where coconut water is not so easily available as in south India.

Mango lassi Mango lassi is a refreshing cold Indian beverage consisting of yogurt flavoured with sweetened kesar mango pulp, This drink is a cross between a smoothie and a milk shake and is smooth, creamy, and absolutely heavenly! essentially a smoothie made with mango and yogurt. I always order one when out to eat at an Indian restaurant. They’re really quite easy to make.

Mango Halwa Mango Halwa is made with cooking mango pulp and corn starch together in ghee; garnished with nuts.

Mango Kalakandh Kalakand is an exquisite milk-based sweet preparation made with concentrated milk called khoya and fresh paneer called chhana are mixed and simmered together with sugar to a luxurious thick, firmness. The mixture is cooled, then cut to squares and garnished with pistachios. This dish is flavoured with mango. 

Mango Fool Mango fool or Mango cream is a perfect summer dessert. It’s very quick, delicious and easy to make. This creamy mango fool is made with the combination of crushed pureed mangoes and heavy cream. The name of this dessert comes from the French word foule which means pureed or crushed.

Mango Mousse Mango mousse is a creamy, fluffy dessert with tropical flavour made with a mix of mango mango jelly and mango puree.

Mango Sour Cream Dessert – Amrakhand Mango Shrikhand is a very popular Indian dessert made from strained yogurt. It is one of the main desserts in Maharashtrian and Gujarati cuisine. In Gujarati cuisine, shrikhand is eaten either as a side-dish with breads such as poori or as a dessert.

These mango sweet recipes listed below are the perfect summer desserts, very quick and easy to make. They bring a majestic unmatched joy of experiencing an exotic dessert from a simple yet luscious mango fruit. Do try these Mango dessert recipes and enjoy the taste.

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