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Plain Rice

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Plain Rice Recipe, CHAWAL, How To Make Plain Rice Recipe

Rice also refers to Steamed rice that is cooked either by steaming or boiling. Rice is the most widely consumed staple food among a large part of the worlds population, especially in Asia.

About Recipe

Biyyam, Pachaarisi, Atap chawal

How to make Plain rice

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Prep time
10 mins
Cook time
20 mins
Total time
30 mins
Plain rice
Author : Vahchef
Main Ingredient : Rice
Servings : 2 persons
Published date : July 30, 2018

Ingredients used in Plain rice
• Rice - 200 grams.
• Water - as needed 0.
• Oil - as needed 0.
  1. Boil water add rice. Once the rice is done remove the excess water and cover with lid and cook in a very slow flame for few minutes.

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Jon Doe Posted on Tue Jan 21 2014

Thanks, this was very helpful. I usually cook sushi rice using the absorption method but did not know that Bamati rice could also be cooked this way. Today I am preparing Thai curry and will cook rice this way. Va Chef, do you like Thai curry??

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siebensunden Posted on Thu Mar 13 2014

Thank you for this very helpful video.?

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7Storm7 Posted on Sun Apr 13 2014

Excellent job!!! :)?

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Tanzina Sultana Posted on Wed May 28 2014

Pls can u say the exact amount of salt added to the water for 1 kg of rice to be half cooked??

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Stet Tan Posted on Wed Jul 16 2014

This was a great video on cooking rice, very thorough and educational. I like the way you explained the 2 methods of cooking rice (draining and absorbtion). ?

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Tayba0786 Posted on Sat Aug 09 2014

Hpw much water to u add pls?

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Tayba0786 Posted on Thu Aug 14 2014

Ok just heard how much u put in. Thank u for the great detailed vid, great chef ?

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Akash Gupta Posted on Fri Aug 29 2014

Don theme music at the end was a nice touch chef :) Informative video. Thanks !?

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Nathan Daniel Posted on Fri Jan 23 2015

I love this guy!?

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Philip Lindsay Posted on Wed Mar 04 2015

This is the wrong way to cook fluffy rice.?

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Dustin Romero Posted on Tue Mar 31 2015

I've been told that vinegar helps keep the rice firm. How do you handle the vinegar in each of these methods??

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Val-schaeffer Posted on Tue Dec 01 2015

Which one would be good for Basmati ? A friend suggested that absorption method is better. Because draining the water is not good for Basmati, as the water takes away the distinct smell of the rice.. But I get unbroken and separate rice grains only i

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