Tomato thokku
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Author sindhuathreya Yield No Value
Published Oct 29, 2007 Cooking Time 50 Minutes
Recipe Type Dipping/Pickles Preparation Time 10 Minutes
Ingredient Tomatoes Standing Time 1 hour
Description: This particular dish is called the tomato thokku or you call it tomato pickle..

Recipe of Tomato thokku

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Tomato-Ripe Red Tomatoes 2Kg Dozens
Tamarind-One Small Lemon Sized one small lime sized Piece
Seseme Oil 100- 200 ml
Salt - As Per Your Taste 2-3 Teaspoons
Chilli Powder - One Teaspoon- Two Teaspoons 1-2 Teaspoons
Fenugreek/ Methi Powder-roasted Methi Seeds Ground Coarsely four Pinch
Asafoetida/ Hing Two Pinch
Jaggery One small peice Small
Mustard Seeds One Teaspoons
Curry Leaves A few leaves Bunch
Turmeric Powder 1/3 Teaspoons


Step 1:- Boil enough water and add tomatoes in it. Boil the whole tomatoes till the skin of the tomatoes cracks or peels off. Step 2:- Remove from the boiling water and keep the tomatoes aside to cool for some time and then grind the tomatoes in a blender/ mixer. Step 3:- Strain the tomato pulp in a filter to get rid of the seeds if any and keep aside. Step 4:-Soak the tamarind in hot water in a cup to extract tamarind pulp- keep aside. Step5:- Now heat a heavy bottomed vessel, add 1/2 the amount of seseme oil mentioned in the ingrediants and throw some mustard seeds ,curry leaves and add two pinch of asfoetida or hing. Step 6;- Wait till the Musratd seeds finish cracking, then add the tomatoe puree. Step 7:- keep stirring it by adding little salt and turmericpowder. Step 8;- wait till the puree becomes little thick , then add the tamarind puree. . Step 9:- Let this boil for some time, when the above puree starts sticking to the bottom of the vessel ., add remaining oil little by little.. Step 10:- when it becomes thick agin, add chilli powder, fenugreek powder,a small peice of jaggery, continue stirring. Step 11; switch off the stove when the oil starts to seperate from the pickle..and allow it to cool and transfer to a dry jar along with excess oil. Note:- 1. Donot close the vessel and cook. Its ok if the place becomes little dirty the end result is worth .-slow- medium flame cooking is suggested. 2. Salt and chilli powder usage can be differed as per individuals tastes. 3. Once the above recipe cools off, transfer to a broad bottle along with the eexcess oil. It keeps the tomato thokku for a long time.Store in a cool place 4. This normally takes 30- 60 minutes to cook. 5. Can be served with idli, dosa,chappati, alu paratha, and can be mixed with hot rice with little ghee. .Rice can be served with omlette or chips / pappad.
Posted Oct 29, 2007

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maddy Jul 2, 2011
In the method of preparing tomato tokku, you have mentioned to add tomato puree twice, I guess one of them should be tamarind water...

kavitha Jun 24, 2009
hello brother your recipies are excellent i have tried maximum recipies every thing have come out well thank u

vijiramesh Feb 22, 2009
extremely good.all the recipes come out well .they way of explaining each and every point is worth praising ! very good job ! thank you for all your recipes .

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