Sweet Shankarpali
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Author ratna.shaikh Yield No Value
Published May 13, 2010 Cooking Time 30 Minutes
Recipe Type Desserts/Sweets Preparation Time 45 Minutes
Ingredient Flour Standing Time 30 Minutes
Description: Its a very famous dish in Maharastrian prepared during Diwali

Recipe of Sweet Shankarpali

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Cardomon Powder - Optional 1 Teaspoons
Water 1/2 Cup
Sugar 1 Cup
All Purpose Flour 1 Cup
Oil Or Ghee To Fry


1. Take a sugar in bowl and add water. Mix well and make a thin syrup of this. Very much same like we make for gulab jamun. 2. Take tbsp ghee in small bowl and heat it for 5-7 mins. Add this ghee to Maida. Mix this mixture very well so tat ghee spreads to entire flour. 3. Now add water to Maida and make a dough. same like how we make for rotis. 4. Once this dough is ready. Keep it aside for 15-20 mins. 5. Now take a small round of this dough and roll it like roti. Once roti is ready cut this roti into diamond shape by pizza cutter or spoon cutter (one we get in india) 6. Fry these diamonds in Ghee or Oil (ghee tastes better than oil). Once they are crispy remove from oil. 7. Now add these diamonds to the sugar syrup. 8.Once they are dipped in sugar syrup. Remove and keep in a bowl or plate. Now add cardomon powder on top. 9.Now they are ready to eat. 3.
Posted May 13, 2010

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