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Author kjhansi_krishna Servings 0 persons
Published February 29, 2008 Cooking Time (mins) 20
Main Ingredient bottlegaurd Preparation Time 10 mins


Recipe of sorakaya pulusu

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
tamarind paste  3tbsp
dal(kandi)  1/2cup
sorakaya  1/2 Numbers
jaggery  100gms


Take sorakaya,peel it off and cut into medium size pieces and take them into small cooker add water and sprinke some salt and cook upto one pressure whistle and keep it aside.cook dal as usual and allow it to cool.In a mixi jar add dal,tamarind paste,jaggery,salt,chillipowder and make it as a paste. In another utensil heat it and add oil for tempering then add turmeric,redchilli,musturd,jeera,hing powder ,curry leaves then add cookedsorakaya pieces and fry for 2 min then add the above dal mixture and mix well then add some water and the consistensy should like thick sambar.then bring it to boil and atlast add coriander leaves and remove from flame. It taste great vth white rice

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