Sarson Ka Sag
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Author tamanna586 Yield No Value
Published Apr 11, 2008 Cooking Time 1 hour
Recipe Type Veg-Main Preparation Time 30 min
Ingredient Spinach Standing Time 1 hour
Description: Sarson ka saag is luscious green gravy from the Punjabi cuisine, made out of green mustard leaves and some spinach (called palak in Punjabi) can be added for added color and thickening the dish, this would alter the taste though.

Recipe of Sarson Ka Sag

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Corn Flour 2 Tablespoons
Garam Masala Pdr 1 Pinch
Garlic 4 Clove
Ghee 60 Grams
Salt 1 To Taste
Onions 50 Grams
Ginger Small 1 Piece
Gr Chilli 1 Teaspoons
Spinach 250 Grams
Mustard Leaves 750 Grams


1. Wash and clean mustard greens and spinach
 2. Cut finely and put into a pan with a cup of water and boil and blend to a fine paste
3. heat ghee add onions and Cook over a very slow fire till done .add ginger garlic paste ,
4 .add corn flour and the paste of greens , gr chilli cooke well and finish of with garam masala
 5. Serve hot with makki ki roti .
Posted Apr 11, 2008

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Manju Mar 2, 2011
wonderful .........only missing tomatoes in tarka which punjabies like........

RAJASHREE Mar 2, 2011
super!My son loves this and I have been wanting to know the secret of this.Good that you posted a video.I love the expression u give in your videos.:)))Nice will try it today!

Cobra Apr 13, 2010
Everything is good in this website but only thing is this guy talks toomuch that too with worst american slang.The things he never did like he say he use to go fishing when he was kid with his dad.
That is bullshit he don't even know what is fishing in he was kid. His father is somewhere playing cards in village this is not belivable. If you lie to people at least it has to be some where belivable.

Nina Feb 26, 2010
Respected Bhai Sahib ji, Namaste.
I love watching your vidos of cooking. I especially feel very happy with all the wah re wah actions you do and I pleasently laught when your mouth is watering while cooking delicious foods. I made your recipie of Palak Paneer and my children who are adults really loved it. I make rusmalai also but I had challange with paneer getting chewey while boiling. But tomorrow I will make rasmalai your way for at least 100 people and I feel very confident that it will be great,
I hated making Saag because I would burn my arms from saag boiling while trying to cook corn flour in it. You have shown me a wonderfull way of browning the flour. I wish you were in Canada and I would invite you over and cook the dishes I am learing from you. I thank you with all my heart. Please keep making vidios because this where you actually see how it is made. Humbly, Nina

Latha Nov 14, 2009
Yesterday i made sarson ka saag it came tasted awesome. You are right by not covering the spinach it came out green and i did not have mustard leaves however it tasted great i used mustard oil in of ghee it was the best dish i have made with spinach. M

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