pumkin curry.(yeriseeri in kerala)
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Author ben.swapna Yield No Value
Published Dec 7, 2008 Cooking Time 30 Minutes
Recipe Type Veg-Main Preparation Time 45 Minutes
Ingredient Pumpkin Standing Time 30 Minutes

Recipe of pumkin curry.(yeriseeri in kerala)

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Curry Leaves Leaf
Oumin Powder half tea sp
Garlic quater Clove
Salt to taste
Termeric Powder half tea sp
Gteen Chilly three Numbers
Chilly Powder tea spoon
Coconut half Cup
Chenna Dal one cup Cup
Pumpkin 1 coconut size Small
Kaduku(i Dont Remember The English Name0 two Tea spoon
Oil two table spoon
Red Chilly two Numbers


sock the chenna dal & over night in the salty water.(2 tspsalt).put it inthe pressure cooker with little salt& turmeric powder.afer 3 visill.open it & put chilly powder ,pumpkin pc 2 inch size(.remove the skin)after 2 visill,put the grienter mix.(coconut,cumin powder,garlic little water),green chilly,after 7 mins( dont close,low flame)off it take another panput half sp oil put 3 tsp coconut fry till light brown then put the curry & mix sloly.take pan put some oil put kaduku,ural dal,red chilly,curry leaves.take the curry in the glass bowl.put this it in the the top of curry mix.
Posted Dec 7, 2008

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