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Published August 14, 2007 Cooking Time (mins)
Main Ingredient Milk Preparation Time mins

Palkova is basically an Indian sweet made by simmering milk until it reduces to about half of its original quantity.

Recipe of PAL KOVA

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
sweetened condensed milk  1 Can
milk and curd  2 Teaspoons
elachi powder a little   To Taste
ghee  2 Teaspoons

put condensed milk and milk and curd in a microwave bowl and keep it for 2 mins.take it out , stir it and again keep for another 2 mins.finally add elachi powder and ghee and keep for another 2 mins.pal gova ia ready to eat.
but make it a point to stir between every min.because in microwave the food gets thickened very quickly.the time may also vary according to the brand of the microwave.
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