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Published October 15, 2007 Cooking Time 1 hour
Main Ingredient Chicken Preparation Time mins


Recipe of Nawabi Biryani

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Chicken, skinned, cut into serving pieces  1000 Grams
Long grained rice  1/2 Cup
soaked in water for 1/2 hour, washed  
Yoghurt  2 Cup
Clarified butter (ghee)  1 Cup
Milk  1 Cup
Peppercorns  10 Piece
Cloves  8 Piece
Mint, leaves only  8 Springs
Cardamoms  5-6 Numbers
Onions, sliced  4 Numbers
Coriander leaves, chopped  1 Cup
Almonds, blanched, halved  1/2 Cup
Ginger-garlic paste  3 Tablespoons
Chilli powder  2 Teaspoons
Garam masala powder  1 Teaspoons
Mixed cumin seeds and shahjeera  1 Teaspoons
Turmeric powder  1 Teaspoons
Saffron  1/2 Teaspoons
Salt   To Taste

Mix ginger-garlic paste, salt and yoghurt. Apply to chicken pieces and leave for 1 hour to marinate. Heat 1/2 cup ghee and add cumin seeds and shahjeera, cloves, cardamoms, peppercorn and almonds. Add chicken, turmeric, chilli powder, garam masala powder, and 1/2 cup water. Cook till chicken is tender. Add coriander and mint leaves. Reserve. Heat 1/4 cup ghee in a pressure cooker and add rice. Fry till golden brown. Add 3 cups water and pressure cook till the rice is done but not soft. Heat remaining 1/4 cup ghee and fry onion slices till brown and crisp. Drain and reserve. In a large pan, put a layer of rice. Top with a few fried onion slices and saffron strands. Add a layer of chicken. Repeat till all rice and chicken pieces are over. Cover tightly and finish cooking in an oven or by placing the pan on a hot griddle till each grain of rice is fluffy and the biryani is aromatic. Serve hot.
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