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Published August 29, 2007 Cooking Time (mins)
Main Ingredient Mutton Preparation Time mins


Recipe of Mutton Kaleji ) Fry

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Mutton liver piece  500 Grams
Oil  8 Tablespoons
Jeera -  1/2 Teaspoons
Tejpatta  2 Numbers
Dried red chilly  2 Numbers
Bari ilaayachi  1 Numbers
Chhotee ilaayachi  1 Teaspoons
Daalchini (cinnamon ) -  1 Pinch
Onion -  2 Small
Ginger Garlic paste  1/2 Tablespoons
Chopped dhania patta  1 Tablespoons
Tomato  1 Small
Haldi powder  1 Teaspoons
Jeera powder-  1 Teaspoons
Dhania powder  1 Tablespoons
Red Chilly powder-  1 Teaspoons
Garam masala powder  1 Teaspoons
Tandoori masala powder  1 Tablespoons
Salt -   To Taste
Desi ghee  1 Teaspoons

1. Wash the mutton liver thoroughly. 2. Heat oil in a non stick karaahi, put jeera, tejpatta, and dried red chilly. 3. When the jeera begins to splutter, add garam masala, onion and saute for sometime over medium flame for 2 minutes. 4. Add ginger garlic paste and saute everything for 2 minutes. 5. Add powdered masalas (except garam masala powder), mutton liver, salt and tomato, saute for 3 minutes. 6. Cover the karaahi with a lid, and let the mutton liver cook for 5 minutes on slow flame. 7. Open the vessel, saute and put garam masala powder. 8. Cover the lid. 9. Allow to cook for 5 minutes on slow flame. 10. Garnish with chopped dhania patta. 11. Serve warm with garma garam pooris/ parathas/roti
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