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Author Vahchef Servings 0 persons
Published September 13, 2007 Cooking Time (mins)
Main Ingredient Chicken Preparation Time mins


Recipe of Murgh Musallam

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
chicken  1 Numbers
turmeric  1/4 Numbers
cumin  1 Teaspoons
cinnamon  5 Piece
cloves  4 Numbers
cardamoms  2 Numbers
ginger  2.5 cm Piece
garlic   To Taste
onions  115 Grams
red chillies  3 Numbers
salt   To Taste
tomatoes  900 Grams
fat  55 Grams


1. Clean and joint chicken in to large pieces .

2. Grind spices with salt .Rub over the chicken pieces .

3. Blanch tomatoes and chop .

4. Heat fat ,saute chicken .Add any spice mixture left over in the pan .Cover tightly and cook till all liquid is evaporated .

5. Add blanched ,chopped tomatoes ,cook till chicken is tender and gravy thick .

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