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Published January 25, 2008 Cooking Time (mins)
Main Ingredient Rice Preparation Time mins

rice is made with masoor dal

Recipe of masoor rice

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Basmati rice  2 Cup
whole masoor dal  1 Cup
Onion  1 big Slice
Green chillies  5or6 Slice
Ghee  3to4 Tablespoons
Black pepper powder  2 Teaspoons
salt to taste  
oil  3 Tablespoons
coriander powder  1 Tablespoons
cumin powder  1 Tablespoons
garam masala  2 Teaspoons
turmaric   Pinch
red chilli powder   Pinch
water  3 Cup

soak masoor dal for over night. In pan put some oil, add some black pepper powder. Then after one minute add onion and green chilli. After onion little bit cook add masoor dal, coriander powder, cumin powder, salt, turmaric, and red chilli. Let it cook for about two minutes. Then add soak rice and cover the pan. After rice is almost done add garam masala and ghee. your masoor rice is ready. Masoor rice taste good with kadhi.
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