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Published August 28, 2007 Cooking Time (mins)
Main Ingredient Milk Preparation Time mins


Recipe of Masoor Paak

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
gram flour  250 Grams
sugar  500 Grams
ghee  500 Grams
water  1/2 Cup
salt   Pinch
cardomom powder  1/2 Teaspoons

Roast the gram flour till it is golden colour and aromatic. Make thick syrup with sugar add salt and cardomom. The syrup should be of thread consistency. It is the correct consistency of syrup that gives you a good masoor paak.

Now add the flour and ghee alternatively till both are used. Now you see bubbles forming in the mixture. Take it from fire and pour on to a tray and cut while it is hot. Now you get the famous bombay sweet Masoor paak

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