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Author late2town Servings 0 persons
Published September 18, 2008 Cooking Time (mins)
Main Ingredient sooji/semolina Preparation Time mins

Malpoa is a Bengali sweet dish or desert. It is also popular in other parts of India.

Recipe of Malpoa

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Milk - 2% reduced  1-2 Cup
Sugar  1 Cup
Grated Coconut  3/4 Cup
Fennel Seeds  2 Tablespoons
All purpose flour  1 Cup
Sooji / Semolina  2 Cup
Water  1 Cup
Saffron   Pinch
Rose Water  1 Teaspoons
Sugar  1 Tablespoons

Mix 1 cup of sugar and water and heat and prepare sugar syrup. Add pinch of saffron and rose water to this syrup and keep it warm always. Roast the sooji or semolina lightly. Take this in a mixing bowl and add the all-purpose flour , fennel seeds, grated coconut , 1 tbsp sugar and mix it. Add milk gradually and make a paste out of this mixture . Please note do not add any water. Check that no lumps are formed. Take oil in a frying pan and set it to medium high. Once oil is hot , pour the mixture using a cup or cup shaped spatula and make a round or oval shaped malpoa. Fry till golden brown and remove and drain the excess oil in a tissue paper. Immediately transfer it to the warm sugar syrup and soak for a minute . Serve it after meal or during snack time.
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