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Published August 19, 2007 Cooking Time (mins)
Main Ingredient Shrimp Preparation Time mins

This traditional Malabar prawn curry is a south Indian curry, prawns cooked in a coconut milk and spices.

Recipe of Malabar Chemmeen Curry (Prawns)

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
black pepper  1/2 Teaspoons
Salt   To Taste
coconut milk  1 Cup
tomatoes  2 Numbers
turmeric powder  1/2 Teaspoons
chilli powder  1 Tablespoons
serrano chillies (long slices)  2 Numbers
garlic (paste)  1 Tablespoons
ginger(julienne,long slices)  1 Tablespoons
oil  1/4 Cup
prawns  1000 Grams
mustard seeds  1/2 Teaspoons
shallots  1/2 Teaspoons
Curry leaves   To Taste

Mix the prawns,turmeric,garlic together and set aside for 30min. In a clay pot if available or saute pan heat the oil, saute the shallots, ginger, green chillies for about 10min until oil seperates. Add the chilli powder and saute for a few more minutes add diced tomatoes and then the prawns and 2nd and 3rd pressed milk (or half a can of coconut milk if fresh cannot be obtained)Cook the prawns for about 20-30min until the prawns turn a bright pink color and are not rubbery. Set aside. In a skillet fry some mustard seeds then add 1 tsp shallot and curry leaves. Pour onto curry and serve hot with rice or parotas.
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