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recipe by Tamrapalli ---Layered Parantha with gun powder

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Published April 03, 2008 Cooking Time (mins)
Main Ingredient Flour Preparation Time mins

recipe by Tamrapalli ---Layered Parantha with gun powder

Recipe of Laccha Parantha - gunpowder

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Gunpowder   To Taste
Eggs  3 Numbers
Atta/Wheat flour  1 Cup
Butter   To Fry

1. Knead the dough amp; roll it into thin sheet.Spread thin film of butter amp; sprinkle gun powder of your choice.
2. Layer the spread dough amp; form a round shape .Using little dry flour prepare a round shape parantha out of it.
3. Heat the pan amp; place the parantha on it.Cook it evenly on one side apply butter amp; flip the other side.
4. Layered parantha is ready to be served with a side dish.

For Omlette with gunpowder:- 1.Whisk the eggs in a bowl. Take a pan with little butter amp; add the beaten eggs.
2.Sprinkle gunpowder of your choice once the egg starts cooking.
3. Flip the onlette to the other side amp; sprinkle more of gunpowder (if desired).
4. Its ready to be served. Both the above varieties can be served with curd / yoghurt .Adding gunpowder to curd is also an option for your tastebuds.
Note:- Add salt if amp; only if required as gunpowder contains salt .
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