khasta kachori
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Author fjmehta Yield No Value
Published Oct 2, 2008 Cooking Time 1 hour
Recipe Type Others Preparation Time 30 min
Ingredient Dall Standing Time 1 hour

Recipe of khasta kachori

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Corn Flour 2 Tablespoons
Madia 1 Cup
Yellow Split Moong Dal 1 Cup
Dry Masalas As In The Description - To Taste
Oil - To Fry


1 cup yellow moong dal soaked on warm water for atleast 3hrs. then drain all the water, make them dry with a cloth. then crush them in a mixture but not completely, half crushed. then take 3tsp oil in a pan. when hot, add 2tsp fennel seeds. once the seeds are done, add the half crushed moong dal. Stir them continuously on a medium flame till the color changes or a nice smell starts steaming up. add salt, red chili powder, amchur powder, dhaniya powder, haldi powder and sugar to taste. mix well. the procedure of stirring takes aprrox 15-20 minutes. next make a dough of maida with two tsp of corn flour. remeber that the dough should be a hard one. put less water and more oil to bind it. this is to make the kachoris crispy. then roll small chapatis, put the moong dal filling and roll them into a size of puris. Fry them in hot oil. Store in air tight containers. enjoy with green chatni, tamaringd chatni, dhai, sev and corriander leaves.

Recipe Tips

make a hard maida dough. add two tsp of corn flour to make them crispy.
Posted Oct 2, 2008

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farheen Feb 20, 2009
I tried this recipe turned out excellent .Sanjay u r really great to show the recipes freely in vedio most of them i tried came out perfectly thank u thanks a lot...

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