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Published October 18, 2007 Cooking Time (mins)
Main Ingredient Flour Preparation Time mins


Recipe of Katayef

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
flour  6 Cup
yeast (ferment)  1 Teaspoons
milk  6 Cup
fresh Kushta cream  3 Cup
home made kushta  3 Cup
minced walnut  3 Cup
powdery sugar  1 Cup
rose water  1 Tablespoons
orange-flower water  2 Tablespoons
lemmon jam  1/2 Cup
fine pistachio  1/2 Cup
frying oil  6 Cup
Syrup  3 Cup

Mix the flour,yeast (ferment) and the milk until you get a soft and combined dough. Keep it aside until it gets double the size. Fill the pouring bad (that has a steel head) with part of the dough. Start pouring small circles on a steel pan you have put on the fire. You can make the circles as big or as small as you like. After 1 minute of pouring the circles turn the Katayef to the other side for 2 seconds and then we take them off the steel pan. Mix the finely minced walnuts with the powdery sugar, rose water, orange-flower water. Take 1 teaspoon of the mixture and distribute it at the middle of the Katayef . Do the same thing with the Kushta, take 1 table spoon and distribute at the middle of the Katayef. You can make 6 of the walnut mixture and another 6 of the Kushta filling, it depends on the quantity you want from each. Close the Katayef (with the filling inside) to make a half moon shape. close it tightly by pressing on the edges of the dough. Fry the filled Kateyef with the oil until it gets a golden color. Take them out and put them in the Syrup for few minutes. Take them out of the Syrup and serve them hot.
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