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Author nageswararao.sand Servings 0 persons
Published August 10, 2007 Cooking Time (mins)
Main Ingredient Paneer Cheese Preparation Time mins

kalakand is a popular Indian sweet, this is energy rich recipe. Kalakand packed with calcium and protein.

Recipe of Kalakand (Indian Chesse-cake Squares)

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
sweetened condensed milk  1 Cup
paneer (use Ricotta Cheese if paneer is not available)  2 Cup
powdered cardamom (Elaichi)  5 Numbers

Mix panner (Ricotta Cheese) with condensed milk.

Heat the above mixture in medium-low heat. Stir constantly while heating. Continue until the mixture becomes thick.
Spread it on a greased plate.
Sprinkle elaichi powder on the top.
Cool it and cut into square pieces.
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