Loose Chilli Prawns

15 Jul 2014

Loose chilli prawns are crispy and spicy snack or appetizer made with batter coated prawns, deep fried until done and then tossed in a spicy chilli masala. This is an awesome flavourful snack keeping the prawns crisp on the exterior side and soft and juicy inside. Loose chilli prawns are the easiest way to cook spicy prawns and can be done rather quickly as well. In this recipe, first the prawns are batter coated and then deep fried to give a crunch and crispness to the prawns. This also enables the prawns to hold its texture well when it gets cooked in a spicy chilli masala. The sautéing of prawns in the spicy chilli masala enables the juices to penetrate into the prawns giving it a spicy and tangy taste. Prawns or Shrimps is excellent and delicate seafood next to fish. It blends well other flavours and is fast to cook. It is believed to be the most popular exceptional seafood that is low in calories and saturated...