Lauki Katti Dal

30 Jul 2014

Lauki katti dal is a very simple yet very delicious and appetizing lentil preparation that is tangy to taste. It is made with bottle gourd cooked with spices and mashed lentil mixture. As the name says so the word Katti means sour/tangy, hence the addition of tamarind gives a nice tanginess and punch to the lentil stew. Lauki Katti Dal is a very comforting and appetizing dish that goes well with rice or can also be eaten with roti, chapatti etc. This is always a very nourishing and healthy dish that is good for our daily diet. Lauki is a versatile vegetable that is used for preparing sweet and savory dishes. It is also known as doodhi, ghiya, bottle gourd or calabash gourd. It’s a well-liked vegetable, low in fat, having high water content and is included in making a variety of curries, gravies or cooked with lentils. This type of squash vegetable is light green in color, has a mild flavour and soft inner flesh. Lauki is a commonly used squash in most Indian kitchens. Bottle gour...