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Published February 04, 2008 Cooking Time (mins)
Main Ingredient Rice Preparation Time mins

its good food for your kids.very nutritous.

Recipe of home made cerelac for kids

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
any other pulses of ur choice like raagi,corn,horse gram and so on  1 Cup
raw urad dal  1/3 Cup
raw moong dal  1/3 Cup
raw rice  1 Cup
raw toor dal  1/3 Cup

1.fry rice and other pulses one bye one on a very low flame till you get a good fried fragrant smell. 2.then grind all together to a fine powder and then sieve. 3.boil water.mix above 1tsp powder to cold water and then add to boiling water and stir continuously and let to cool. for 4-7 months prepare powder of rice ,urad dal,toor dal and moong dal only. after 7 months make powder of pulses one by one and feed.so that u you will know what exactly is suitable and not causing any reaction. if some reaction happens stop adding that pulse in the mix. 4-7 months feed only 1 time a day after 7 months twice a day.
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